Who Was Matthew Ventress? Destinee Lashaee Cause Of Death What Happened To Her?

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The famous transgender actor Destinee Lashaee aka Matthew Ventress has died. The actress had appeared in the Megalomedia show titled “My 600-lb Life” season 7 which was aired in 2019. Now, it is coming forward that she died of committing suicide. As per reports, the actress took her own life and committed suicide on February 3, 2022. She was battling depression and anxiety for a long time and eventually decided to put a full stop to her struggles. As the news has surfaced, people are expressing their sadness and are paying her sincere tributes.

Destinee Lashaee

Matthew Ventress’ brother had shared the news of the former suffering from depression on social media. The actress had also opened up about her struggles and had said that she feels all she is doing is trying to escape her depression and pain. Matthew had added that food is the only thing she can turn to do that and she can feel that it is killing her. She had also said that she does not feel she is going to survive for much longer. Now, it seems like Matthew could not hold it any longer and decided to end her suffering.

Destinee Lashaee Death Cause

Before taking her own life, Matthew Ventress had posted some suspicious posts on her social media account. Last week alone, she had written if she was surrounded by all her tears, she would float in the ocean. The post was quite concerning and had gained a lot of attention from the netizens. Later, the actor had accused the My 600-pound Life Star show’s director of forcing her to shave. The actress had imposed a $1 million lawsuit on the production. The incident had led the trans star to get suicidal thoughts. Matthew had accused Harris County’s Production of fraud, negligence, and wilful emotional misery.

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It is being reported that the ongoing lawsuit might have caused the actress more mental stress that pushed her to commit suicide. However, it is not confirmed why did she end her life. Once, Destinee Lashaee had shared that she wanted to be socially active but could not show her true self out as people judged her. She had also said that the producers would visit her house to record dramatic footage. After her death, Matthew’s brother shared an emotional post where he apologized to the former and wrote that he accepts her for who she is and added that he is sorry for making you feel that you had no other choice.


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