Who Was Laura Smalls and What Happened To Her? Find Out Her Cause of Death?

A shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that Laura Smalls has died. Reports claim that she was burnt to death in Colorado Springs. As the news surfaced on the internet, netizens are wondering whether it was a murder or a suicide. Due to her mysterious death, Laura has become the subject of interest. Her name is trending on social media platforms as everyone is keen to know what happened to her that she died this early. Besides, netizens are also paying the deceased heartfelt tribute. Here is what we know about it.

Laura Smalls death

Joe Kenda, TV Lieutenant has shared his experiences in Homicide Hunter, a discovery series. Joe had shared about the mysterious death of a young girl called Laura Smalls in one of the episodes titled “The Invisible Hand of Death”. As the episode has been aired, social media is flooded with tributary messages and posts. The general public is paying the deceased girl tributes and praying for her family and friends. It is also being searched that what was Laura Smalls’ cause of death and how did she die. Let us find out what happened with her.

What Happened To Laura Smalls?

As per reports, Laura was doused with gasoline and was set on fire afterwards. Yes, the post-mortem and autopsy report stated that she was severely burnt to death in Colorado Springs. The saddening thing is that her culprit is still roaming freely in the streets even after committing such a horrifying crime. As details about Laura’s suspicious murder was not found out, the case was given to the well-known detective at that time, Joe Kenda. However, the case is still unsolved now as it has not been confirmed why was Laura killed and who took her life.

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Now, in the latest episode of Homicide Hunter, the detective had talked about how had the research gone and what details he was able to find out about the unfortunate death of the lady. Kenda believes that Laura was murdered and someone took revenge on her. However, no confirmation regarding the same has been made available yet. It has already been mentioned that Laura Smalls murder remains a mystery till now. No one could collect any evidence in the case that could lead the investigation and the officials are still empty-handed. No one knows why was Laura murdered and who was the culprit. Stay tuned with us!

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