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Nowadays, the crime rate is getting enhanced all over the world and almost every time, the prime suspect does such things that made trouble for the concerned department, to find out the exact truth behind the exploit. Something similar is again reported from Texas where a 41-years-old man is suspected to slaughter more than four people including a 4-years-old child, and later took his own life too. So that, no one could make him detain or give him an appropriate sentence. So below you could get check the comprehensive details behind the news along with some unknown facts.

Kevin Milazzo Corsicana TX Accident


As per the exclusive reports or sources, three prime witnesses are yet fatally wounded in the shooting, which occurred at two different locations, this is what is said by the concerned department/authorities. The police department of Corsicana police reached the crime spot as soon as they got the call to control the circumstances because the atmosphere of terror surrounded almost every time from all four corners. Whoever is hearing the news, their immense reactions are coming to the fore, because such a lethal crime could shiver, everyone as this time happened too which was unexpected enough.

Who Is Kevin Milazzo?

It is being reported that the concerned department has identified the deceased as a 68-years-old Willian Bill Mimms who was the stepfather of the suspect. Along with 61-years-old Connie Mimms, the mother of the suspect and the rest of the two names did not identify yet, as the proceeding is going ahead to figure out everything. The incident took place 50 miles ahead southeast of Dallas, and the second location recognized by the concerned department was around 20 miles away from Frost Texas. Almost everyone is mourning their passing while unleashing their deep feelings so that their souls get to rest in peace.

If the further reports are to be believed, their dead bodies were found by the authorities in such a suspicion manner, which was unpredicted enough and not imagined by anyone else. Due to lethal shooting, their bodies were surrounded by lethal health complications which proved as the prime cause behind their departures. The entire nation is paying tribute to them while sending their condolence to those who are close to them. Still, the investigation is going on to find the exact truth, because maybe someone’s involvement could also stand behind the exploit, so when something will occur we will update you.

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