Who is Ilginay On Reddit? TikTok Star Pumping Mnky & Zeigt Schwanz Viral Video

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Ilginay is trending on social media as one of his videos has been leaked on Reddit and Twitter. It is not the first time when a personality has gotten on the trending list just because a clip of him has gone viral as plenty of users has experienced the fame in the past too. However, the netizens seem to take interest in these users as much as they took in the other personalities. It is coming forward that Ilginay is the same user as Pumping Mnky who has garnered attention because of his video earlier.

Ilginay  Pumping Mnky

Sources claim that the Ilginay leaked video has been removed from social media so people interested in watching the original video can not watch it anymore. However, a duplicate video still seems to cover the internet and is circulating rapidly. It has not been deleted yet so it can be watched. Talking about the video, it is not clear what was inside it as the user has not revealed his face yet so it can not be said if it was him or any other personality.

Who is Ilginay On Reddit?

Whatever be the reason, it is no doubt that Ilginay is sweeping all the attention of the people. As the video has become the centre of attraction, the netizens are taking interest in Ilginay and want to know about him. As mentioned already, it seems like Ilginay and Pumping Mnky are the same people so let us find out who are they. As per sources, he is a well-known YouTuber based in Germany and usually makes prank videos that entertain people.

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Mnky has begun his channel in 2018 and has managed to gain a lot of subscribers. Yes, his YouTube channel has more than thousands of subscribers who support him when he posts his content. Based on the user’s latest pictures that he had shared on social media, he seems to be in his 30s. On his Instagram account, he has garnered more than 75,000 followers while he is popular on other platforms too.

Pumping Mnky has never revealed his face and shares content where his identity is not revealed. He is quite a familiar face in Germany as he is known for creating prank videos there. Besides, he also promotes some brand on his account. At this time, we do not seem to have much information about his personal life. It is known that Ilginay or Pumping Mnky video is going viral online.


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