Who is Briptu Christy? Leaked Video Getting Viral On Twitter

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A video of a girl named Briptu Christy has been trending on social media for the last couple of days and now it has created a buzz over Twitter and Reddit because Briptu Christy has uploaded or better say her video got leaked where she seems playing with herself or pleasing herself by her own and the video is being loved everyone whoever is watching the clip becoming her fan and getting forced to search about her and Briptu Christy’s Instagram account name.


Well, as per the sources Briptu Christy is the partner of first Brigadier General Reynaldy Kamae. People are now reacting to the viral video or better say Briptu Christy’s leaked video on Reddit. However, the name was obscure before but currently, it has become the most searched thing on the internet because people are searching about her and getting keen to watch her fascinating video because if you will watch the video no doubt that your night will be spent pleasingly. However, the video is not public but the name has been grabbing headlines for the last couple of days and as it is being spread across the internet then no doubt it is the way pleasing clip that you should watch because whoever has watched already are still searching about it because they want to see it again.

As per the sources it came to know that Briptu Christy is a cop and tied the knot with first Brigadier General Reynaldy Kamae. Her husband said, “It was not him who posted the obscene shutdown and we will demand that the media associated with fake news be impeached or not.” He even considered everything fake saying “I’ve watched the video but I want to let you all know that she is not my wife whom you are connecting with me, I urge you not to spread the video and also not link it with me and my family because it is affecting us and our image”.

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Well, as you have read that her husband has been saying that the girl appearing in the video is not actually her but someone else who is looking like his wife but actually not she is. However, no update has come from the side of the lady, so we are waiting for her to open her lips. Till then stay connected with us.

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