What Was Toni Stone Cause of Death? Negro Leagues Baseball Star Toni Stone Passed Away at 75, Husband

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One of the most used search engines is Google and almost 90% of people use it worldwide. Recently, Google give a unique treat or surprise to the world. So, The world’s most-viewed search engine showed an animated image of Toni Stone, who was born in Bluefield in 1921 and played proficient baseball for the Indianapolis Clowns.

Toni Stone death

Let us also tell you that Google honors some people on Wednesday in which U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va and many more were included. After that, the initiative from the side of Google become the talk of the town for the audience and many people start talking about it.

What Was Toni Stone Cause of Death?

Apart from this, Manchin said in a tweet “Did you know that the first woman to play professional baseball full-time was a West Virginian? Toni Stone was born in Bluefield in 1921 and went on to play baseball for the Indianapolis Clowns. T

oni is featured today on the home page of @google! #BlackHistoryMonth”. In recognition of Black History Month, Google is displaying numerous renowned Black historical figures on its homepage. The technology giant on Wednesday celebrated his legacy by creating Stone a “Google Doodle” on its homepage. The animated image shows Stone making an infield play.

Not only this, but Major League Baseball also celebrated the news on Wednesday on its website. According to an article by Sarah Wexler on, Stone was born in Bluefield and later expanded in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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How Did Toni Stone Die?

The article described Stone as “a talented multi-sport athlete who played for many years with barnstorming baseball teams” before joining the Indianapolis Clowns in 1953. Let us also tell you that Stone was inducted into both the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame and the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame and Google give a tribute to some legendary people.

Talking about the official statement of Bill Archer, a local historian, and county commissioner, it reads “I did see that on Google on their page and was totally unaware of that. Any person that might have known (her) and might have been able to give insight is probably deceased now”.

According to the Mnopedia website, the family drove from Bluefied to St. Paul when Stone was 10 years old. Now, it is a very unique thing that did by Google in honor of some legendary personality of history. Along with it, many people talking about it and reacting to this movement of Google.


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