What Was Joma Sison Cause of Death? Filipino Communist Party Founder Passed Away at 86, Wife, Family

Unfortunately, Jose Maria Canlas Sison has passed away. The news becomes the talk of the town and many people talk about him. Let us also tell you that he is a popular Filipino writer and activist. Along with it, he was also very popular for founding the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Joma Sison Death

Normally, he was widely prominent for his name Joma Sison. Now, it was very hurtful for the people to hear this tragic news. There are many people mourning his unfortunate demise as it is actually a very heartbreaking moment for many people worldwide.

What Was Joma Sison Cause of Death?

Jose Maria Canlas Sison (born February 8, 1939), also comprehended by his surname Joma, is a Filipino writer and activist who established the Communist Party of the Philippines and counted a Maoist element to its philosophy – known as National Democracy. will be called.

He applies Marxism-Leninism-Maoist theory to the history and current state of the Philippines. Since August 2002, he has been recorded by the United States as a “sponsor of terrorism”. The European Union’s second-highest court ruled in September 2009 to remove him as a “sponsor of terrorism” and to overturn a decision by member governments to freeze his assets.

Sisson has been a recognized political refugee in the Netherlands since 1988 and is protected by Article 3 of the Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights. Sisson was born on February 8, 1939, of Spanish-Mexican-Malay descent and Chinese Hokkien into a prominent landowner family in Cabogo, belonging to the Crisólogos, Geraldinos, Vergaras, Azcuetas, Sollers, Theranos, and other prominent clans, Hinson.

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How Did Joma Sison Die?

His great-grandfather, Don Leandro Serrano, was the largest landowner in northern Luzon in the late 19th century. Currently, numerous people praying for his resting soul and giving their deepest condolences to his family members and friends.

His grandfather, Don Gorgonio Soller Sison, was the last governor of Cabogo under Spanish colonial rule, a municipal president under the Philippine revolutionary government, and the first mayor under American colonial rule. His uncle, Don Marcelino Crisólogo, was the first governor of Ilocos Sur.

His uncle, Teofilo Sisson, was the governor of Pangasinan Province and the first defense minister of the federal government. We know that many people are totally devastated to hear about the unfortunate demise of Joma Sison.

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