What Happened to Shakira Gatlin? DD4L Dancer Cause Of Death? Shooting Video Who Killed Her?

Once again, Barnes street is remaining the hot potato among everyone as another frightening crossfire incident is coming to the fore among everyone, which left everyone in deep shock while shattering plenty of hearts. Yes, you heard right, (DDFL) Dancing Dolls for Life member Shakira Gatlin has passed away at the age of 18. Since the news occurred on social media, a wave of great sorrow has surrounded everyone, especially those who were close to her. Even the entire community is the mourning of losing her because her demise was totally unexpected, so below you could check the comprehensive details.

Shakira Gatlin

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the incident occurred at 08:40 PM on Thursday at Barnes Street in Jackson, when Gatlin was going to purchase something essential and spontaneously a few came to her, and while surrounding they fatally shot her to death. As soon as her near ones got the news, their immense reaction came out as defaulters shot her in the public area. Then she was brought to the nearest medical centre so that, she could get the appropriate cure, to survive ahead but unfortunately she is no longer among her admirers, which is a matter of great grief.

Who Was Shakira Gatlin?

18-years-old Shakira Gatlin was a member of DDFL since 2015, she was lately promoted to be the co-captain head, and drill-master too. Now everyone is keen to get more about DDFL, so it is a dace-based company that specializes in hip-hop. Including this, Shakira Gatlin was a social media personality too, who has been followed by uncounted people, as she used to post her daily activities on the app. But unluckily her sudden demise happened which made everyone shocked enough, this is the reason almost everyone is requesting the concerned department to detain those culprits whose involvement is standing behind the incident.

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It is being reported, that her demise news is confirmed by her mother Erica Robinson through social media, to make her admirers acquainted with the saddening news. She shared an entire note while mentioning such heartfelt messages along with the photo. Even almost everyone is paying tribute to her as well through social networking sites while, urging the concerned department so that, culprits could be arrested and get the appropriate sentence. So when something will arrive we will make you an update for sure, so stay tuned with us (RIP Shakira Gatlin).

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