Watch Sip N Paint Video viral on Twitter – stroke and…

  • Paint and Sip video (Sip-N-Paint video) of a painting party, trends online and people are reacting to the video on Twitter by calling it “Stroke and Paint” video
  • The viral video on Twitter shows a group painting event while a man and girl involved in stroking and sipping.
  • TikTok and Twitter users are reacting to the viral Sip N Paint video.

Twitter Reacts to viral Sip and Paint video and calls it stroke and Sip or Stroke and Paint video

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Sip And Paint video (Sip N Paint video) on Twitter which is also labelled as “Stroke and Paint video” and “Stroke and Sip video” is currently going viral on social media platforms such as TikTok, Reddit and Twitter. Watch Full Video here

Many people on TikTok are talking about “Sip N Paint” video and asking others to look for purported video on Twitter.

Many people who haven’t watched the video, are curious to know more about the viral “Sip N Paint video.”

Well if you are not aware, Basically there is an expl1cit video of a girl giving a black male stripper head at the event called “Sip N Stroke paint party.”

The video shows dozens of people sitting around the tables watching an unidentified woman giving head to black stripper.

Due to its sensitive nature, we aren’t going to upload the video here but it was shared on Twitter by several users. If you are still curious to watch then here is the link to Viral “Sip and Paint video” on Twitter.

Alternatively, You Can Watch Stroke and Paint video here

What is Sip-N-Paint ( Sip and Paint or Stroke And Paint)

The paint and sip industry consists of group painting lessons accompanied by wine or other beverages. Many Wine and painting party studios are franchise-based and the number of businesses in this industry has increased rapidly since 2007.

There are several firms hosting Sip-N-Paint and Stroke N Paint events on different rates. The advertisement of such companies mostly like this: “Sip N Stroke paint party is a creative painting session with a twist. Unleash your creativity cocktail in one hand, paintbrush in the other.” After such kind of statement they tells the fees and other terms of the event. One example of such Paint and Sip event can be seen here.

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Twitter Reacts to Paint and Sip Video

Since the Sip and Stroke Paint video emerged online, TikTok and Twitter have been flooded with memes and jokes about the video and “Sip-N-Paint party.”

Reacting to the viral video, one Twitter user wrote: “that sip and stroke or sip and paint video is so short. the neighbourhood talk made it seem like it was a whole movie 😭😭😭.”

Another user wrote: “Does anybody have the sip and stroke video? Can’t find it at all.”

“Someone send me this Stroke N Sip video for my own personal review,” added one user.

One person wrote: “Yall gotta warn people if the sip and paint gone turn into a throat and stroke….Jesus Chrysse 🤣💀.”

“I just witnessed a video of someone getting face fuc*ed at a paint and sip. So exactly what level of the pandemic does that make this?,” wrote another user.

See more reactions over viral Sip-N-Paint video, below.

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