Watch: Kurt Zouma Pet Cat Abusing Video Getting Viral On Social Media

Another video related to a significant athlete Kurt Zouma associated with the Premier League West Ham. The horrific video is circulating all over the Internet and receiving diverse reactions. The video clip is circulating all over the web and getting shared rapidly by the users. If we talk about the viral video featuring the West Ham star seeing slapping his pet brutally. The 28 years old athlete was in the kitchen area of his house when he also kicked the cat across the floor. He beat the terrified cat until it run away. Get more information on Kurt Zouma animal assault video.

Kurt Zouma animal assault video

Along with the athlete, the video is also featuring his brother who is recording the complete video. Zouma is beating his pet christened moggy and kicking the per around the kitchen. As and when the petrified cat tried to run from there he chased the animal in the dining area. A child also spotted in the video his brother was laughing while recording. The athlete also throws designer shoes at the pet but fortunately, it managed to escape. In the last seconds of the video, the player slapped cat’s face multiple times.

As per the reports, the player came up with an apology video wherein he is saying that he is feeling guilty for his actions. He took one of his social media accounts and stated “I want to apologize for my actions. There are no excuses for my behavior, which I sincerely regret.” The 28 years old is getting criticized for his behavior toward a poor animal. Even West Ham United condemned the disgusting actions of its player Zouma through a video. The video is also getting surfaced on the Internet and also informed that they are dealing with the matter internally.

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The authority further cleared that they aren’t in the favour of brutality toward animals. It is clear that £30million former Chelsea player was extremely cruel toward a Bengal, one of the suave breed of the cat looks like a small leopard. One of the vital sources said that cat had messed up the athlete’s house.

Another source said that the cat accidentally broke the vase and also shattered a light fixture from the kitchen cupboard. The troubling video also came to the attention of the animal welfare and slammed the player and said that he will face a criminal probe. We will get back to you with more updates on this case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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