WATCH: Briptu Christy Video Twitter Went Viral All Over & Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

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WATCH: Briptu Christy Leaked Video Twitter Went Viral All Over & Leaves Everyone Scandalized: This promotional video has been viewed by a vast percentage of respondents on the internet and has gotten a lot of positive attention. But why does this video cause such a stir? A growing phenomenon has swept the internet by storm, and some online sites allege that the video is tied to a girl named Briptu Chirsty. Who seems to be Briptu Chirsty, by the way? Some of these thoughts are forming in the thoughts of viewers; unless you’re one of the people and want to learn something about the movie, scroll through the comments. Follow our website OLASMediaTV.com for more updates!!!!!!

Briptu Christy Leaked Video Twitter

Briptu Christy Leaked Video Twitter

The 1st Lieutenant Colonel has demonstrated his displeasure with the media for spreading false information on the internet, saying, “I have started watching the kleptocratic youtube clip that is heading around, even when you just witness it, that’s not my fiancee,” and he started adding indignantly that his relatives are planning on taking legal proceedings against with the stirrer of this false information, and that this false information is shoving sheriff’s department as well. Britta was formerly an obscure name but has now become one important product on the world wide web.

Briptu Christy Full Twitter Clip Viral

Briptu Christy seems to be the wife of 1st Commanding General Reynaldy Kamae, and Briptu’s hubby has replied to the widely as possible immorality video footage that is supposed to be something of Briptu Christy by calling it a fraud. “The released immorality footage is not him,” her spouse stated, “and we’ll undoubtedly ask for prosecution or not punish the establishment that spreads bogus information.” She is a law enforcement officer, according to reports, and she is wedded to 1st Lieutenant Colonel.

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Nevertheless, the 1st Lieutenant Colonel refuses to admit that the footage is of his wife, and he has threatened to sue both mainstream media for disseminating the abominable footage across different platforms. That youtube clip has currently become such a trending topic mostly on the worldwide web. Keep in touch with us for additional information and read more mainstream news on just this webpage. “We are searching for those implicated if all families ask to suit because there is an element of slander,” he added.


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