VIDEO: Skater Zhu Yi Video Went Viral, Check Out Falling Video On Olympic Debut For China!

VIDEO: Skater Zhu Yi Video Went Viral, Check Out Falling Video On Olympic Debut For China: Yep, your read that correctly: 19-year-old is causing a stir on Sina Weibo after collapsing just on the court after participating inside the Women’s short program team competition on Saturday. After one clip from the Olympics was posted on the web sites, Zhu-Yi has now become the focus of much controversy between Twitter users. As a result, you’ll find what you need to learn here. As quickly as customers see the video, they have massive emotions, without practically everybody expressing their opinion on the occurrence. Follow our website for more updates!!!!!

Skater Zhu Yi Fall Video

Skater Zhu Yi Fall Video

It seems that everyone has a strong emotional reaction to the occurrence, especially the Asian side since the sport is a Chinese citizen. Particularly on Weibo, where her clip is booming with the caption “Zhu-Yi has fallen,” anybody that has watched it has just one issue: why she was elected for this position, in spite of the fact that she’d be containing the full country. According exclusive information or insiders, only just few weeks have gone after the occurrence, yet the film has already received over 20 crore hits via social networking websites.

Zhu Yi Falling Video On Olympic Debut For China

Some speculate that she will be under immense stress from her followers, and that is why she did this error. You can see her collapse and slam into the block after such a bungled leap in the initial routine in the footage, which would be spreading fast on social networking sites. She also received a low point in the contest. She went on to say that she really is truly sorry for not living up to the expectations of her followers. “She is unhappy and even a little ashamed well as,

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Who Is Zhu Yi?

Zhu said this in a message, drying her emotions. As a result, she is getting reactions from users via Weibo, but she has yet to make a word about the event. But if someone is selected to lead their state, we must work as hard and ensure that they do not exhibit or show any flaws, since the honour of virtually the entire country is on the line. If the stories ought to be believed, the incident has received a large number of views, and also loads of comments, with one user writing, “This was a real shame” and “Disgraceful.”

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