VIDEO: Monark Twitter Video Viral All Over & Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

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VIDEO: Monark Twitter Leaked Video Viral All Over & Leaves Everyone Scandalized: Hello, guys Monark you tuber is currently apologizing after he posted some racist and narcissistic comments on the platform. The behavior of you tuber and presenter of Famous Flow Podcast is now apologizing for his comments. His hated YouTube speech was posted on 7th Feb and the Jewish community reported the footage. In the video, he could be seen defending the formation of the Nazi party and hating the Jewish ideology in Brazil. The statement was posted during an interrogation with the federal deputies. Follow our website OLASMediaTV.com for more updates!!!!!

Monark Twitter Video

Monark Twitter Video

He was sharing his opinion where now he is claiming that he was really drunk and he never meant to say those things. Now he has also stated that he always supports secularism and equality for all beings. He posted a video saying that I was very, very drunk and now I want to apologize for my mistake as it was really embarrassing. He’s a very well-known you tuber and regularly posts the podcast on various political and social topics. But since he’s a heated speech, went viral on the Internet, he has been receiving a lot of criticism for it.

Monark Leaked Viral Video

We don’t have a lot of information regarding clips. Is really active on various social media sites and always presents his views and opinions on numerous topics. Dante is verified on Twitter and claims to be an expert on social matters. Especially Jewish community virus really shattered by the comments and quickly registered a complaint against him. Twitter also acknowledged the matter and removed the flipper from the platform because of hate speech.

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Who Is Monark?

He defended the actions of Nazis and Hitler by saying that they were doing right to reform the world. Then everyone started criticizing for his opinion and quickly demanded an apology. Being a responsible content creator, he came out in public immediately and defended himself, and also issued an apology to all those who have been hurt by the comments. Stay tuned to this website and we would bring some more breaking news and stories across the world.

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