VIDEO: Mona Heidari Iranian Video, Husband Slices Ensieh Khazali’s Head Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

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VIDEO: Mona Heidari Iranian Video, Husband Slices Ensieh Khazali’s Head Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit: Citizens in Tehran were stunned following footage of a guy walking about with his girlfriend’s chopped skull began circulating. The incident caused Iran’s vice chairman for female entanglements, Ensieh Khazali, to appeal to lawmakers to undertake “necessary measures” and the government to disseminate information in important to deter similar incidents. Individuals who have heard the announcement are stunned and baffled as to how he could do such a thing. Follow our website OLASMediaTV.com for more updates!!!!!!

Ensieh Khazali Head Video

Ensieh Khazali Head Video

It was truly devastating information that broke everybody’s emotions. According to the webpage, many suicide bombings do not results in harsh punishments since only immediate fаmily relatives cаn “demаnd punishment” when а individual is slain. The refusal of the ecclesiastical dictatorship to punish these homicides has resulted in a disastrous increase in suicide bombings.” Her family man hunted her down in the nation and asked her to come to Iran in the week that. murdered his wife across from numerous witnesses in urban areas and then marched across the city holding her skull in his arms.

Who is Mona Heidari Iranian Husband?

According to Section 631 of the Convention, a spouse is free from penalty if he murders after seeing infidelity. Susan Rezaeipour, murdered, has been one of the females more frequently hung, according to a Telomerase NGO that regularly tracks the implementation of capital punishment in Tehran. Among the most notable examples in current history was the execution of eighteen years Reyhaneh Jabbari in November 2015, after she was found guilty of killing a military army colonel she said attempted to physically attack her.

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Mona Heidari Iranian Twitter Video

Many people tried to preserve themselves versus assault attempts at homes, maybe there was an overarching backdrop of aggression. According to the clericаl administration’s laws, females are officially second-degree residents controlled by males. After Heidari’s death, proposals for reforming legislation to protect females from spousal violence and raising the minimum age of consent were resurrected. The guy, who was accompanied by his sibling. The tragic surge in mass violence in Iran is based in sexism and a hierarchical mentality that has been entrenched via legislation.

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