Umida Nazarova Accident: What Was Umida Nazarova Cause Of Death? 21 Years Old Lady Dead, Funeral Obituary News!

Umida Nazarova Accident: What Was Umida Nazarova Cause Of Death? 21 Years Old Lady Dead, Funeral Obituary News: In a terrible occurrence in Belarusian, an expectant 21-year-old lady called Umida Nazarova was suffocated through her own hairs and passed away of her afflictions. “Her tresses became entangled around her throat, and the woman was drawn into the machinery,” her mother, Irina, reportedly stated source. Although getting removed from the device, Nazarova apparently never slipped into a coma and passed away of her trauma. Everyone on the internet is really shocked regarding the story. Follow our website for more updates!!!!!

Umida Nazarova Accident

Umida Nazarova Accident Death Video

Umida Nazarova, who was more than 1 month pregnant at the time, was searching for opportunities at the Svarmet company in Borisov, which manufactures welder filament and catalysts, according to Local Media. Her folks also reported her death to the state newspaper. Her mom, Olga, was someone who told the news organization about her demise. Many people complained after the event that if they noticed the female had thick locks, how didn’t they provide her a helmet or whatever to hide that fact, including the Local Newspaper.

Umida Nazarova Death Reason

A manufacturing employee was punished for “failing to execute her professional obligations due to a deceitful and irresponsible mentality… resulting in the murder of one human.” Umida’s father, Nina, said that her daughter’s jugular was slashed, her tresses got knotted about her collar, and she was pulled into the machinery. According to the alleged victim’s parents, the relatives “expected to commemorate her marriage and pick up a grandchild or grandchild from the Centre — not this.

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Umida Nazarova Funeral Obituary News

That’s not what I had in mind for my daughter.” The memorial for the local girl was provided for by the company. Umida’s parents, Dimitry, alleged that the production lines’ proper precautions had been violated. We would like to express our sympathies and condolences to her family and relatives. This was a really unexpected story. We don’t have a lot of information regarding her family. He went on to say that they takes numerous souls since she was several weeks gestation.

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