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The highly-anticipated Valentine’s Week has started. Yes, entering the second month of the year indicates the beginning of the most-admired festival to take place. Well, Valentine’s week is nothing less compared to a festival and with Rose Day, the auspicious festival gets started. This day marks the beginning of the arrival of the love week and is celebrated every year on the same date. Yes, the beautiful day is celebrated on 7th February every year and has fallen this year on Sunday. The day is known to propose to our loved ones by giving them a red rose.

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Rose Day Memes

Well, there are certain other colors also which are used by the individuals to express their untold feelings. Yes, besides Red roses, there are yellow, white, peach, purple, and other roses as well. Each color has its own uniqueness and significance. However, the most commonly used roses to celebrate the love day are the red roses. It indicates that you have certain kinds of feelings that you have been hesitating to express to your respective crush or dear one for quite some time.

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Rose Day Memes Trols

Rose Day Memes

Rose day is basically celebrated to express your feelings. The feelings that you are unable to frame in words. So by giving them a certain color rose along with best wishes, you get rid of the burden off your chest. So several roses are exchanged on this day. Basically, the meaning behind sharing red roses is that you want them to be a part of your life as you indirectly tell them those three magical words. Yes, by giving them the rose, you tell them “I love You” or related statements.

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While Lavender roses are also given to express one’s love at first sight. Whereas there are Blue roses which are mainly given to one’s crush. The meaning of this color is expressing your unrequited love. It means that you are telling them that you are fully aware of the fact that they cannot be yours but you just can’t help yourself thinking about them. Peach roses are there to express your opinion on someone’s beauty. It is mainly given to someone whom you think is beautiful.

So this Rose Day is really special in several ways. To celebrate the day of love with even more happiness and affection, the lover’s exchange flowers with one another. While people also share quotes, images, and pictures related to the first day of Valentine’s week as well. After this day several other special days are celebrated which include Hug Day, chocolate Day, and Teddy Day. Celebrate the beautiful day by surprising your dear ones with a rose.

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