Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested: Why Was Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested? Reason, UNF Mass Shooting Threat Suspect!

Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested: Why Was Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested? Reason, UNF Mass Shooting Threat Suspect: Hello guys. So an update has arrived regarding the mass shooting threats at the University of North Florida. A young male individual of around 21 years old, whose identity has been revealed as Mateo Borda Boyanovich, has been arrested by the Florida Police Department. He was threatening the university. And now the authorities are taking serious actions and quickly apprehending the criminal. Follow our website for more updates!!!!!!

Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested

Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested

His arrest news came over the Internet. The story has become really trending. Students were really terrified. Recently the North Florida University received some mass shootout threats on social media platforms. The complaint was swiftly registered at the North Florida Police service station. And after some weeks of investigation, the officers have finally apprehended a student. Police have charged the student with death threats. He has also been accused of the right-angle threader. His IP address was obtained through his post. And he was apprehended at the Stafford Shire Drive.

Why Was Mateo Borda Boyanovich Arrested? Reason

The Gathering which was supposed to be held at the university was postponed. He has been interrogated. He has been the find about $1000 in bond and no one at his house wants to pay it. They have not commented on his arrest either. It is a real concern. That individuals of such young age are doing sends over the Internet and getting themselves punished. He’s a senior year student in the marketing major. The police have also obtained 2 cell phones as a piece of evidence. The court hearing will take place on 23rd February 2022 Following his Professional network,

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Mateo Borda Boyanovich All Charges & Allegations

Borda was designated executive director of the Alpha Kappa Ε brotherhood and managed to make the Dean’s List. JSO has contacted friends who share Borda Boyanovich’s home. One person rejected being aware of the implications. Other conversations’ specifics are redacted in the document. “It’s a concern if they search the information that is — including such intension, collaboration, and making chemical weapons, or having it go off the at the college.” Borda has a mass migration hold, as mentioned in the prison log, which Reep claims precludes him from connecting out. His upcoming sentencing hearing was set for Feb. 23.

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