Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 7th February 2022 Written Update, Pallavi Plans Honeymoon for Ranbir and Rhea

We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya where the reality of Prachi has been revealed in the show. Ranbir says that the medicines she is taking is used by a woman who is pregnant. He shouts and says that he is asking something. Prachi stands up and also shouts over him.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2022 Written Update

She says that she is asking and always does this. Prachi says he always does for himself and he never asked that he had an affair with Sidharth, he just said this. He says that doesn’t come to this matter.

Prachi says that she is taking this matter. She says that she can’t do this and he must be thinking that who is a child of this baby, and if Sidharth is a father of this child and suddenly, Ranbir is about to slap her but stops and Prachi scared.

He apologizes to her and says that he doesn’t want to blame her and never point out her character. He says that she can’t forgive him. He adds that he never followed his promises and he just raised his hand to stay with and help her. He apologized to her.

He says he broke everything. Prachi says that she is not pregnant and Ranbir continuously apologizes to her and says that this is one of the dreams of his life. She says that she is not pregnant and gets angry over this.

She says that she never wants to become a mother of his child. She says that she is not pregnant and doesn’t have anything to say. Ranbir says that she is lying. Prachi lies to him and tells that she just wanted to stand over her feet to get success.

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Prachi says that she is not pregnant and he says that she was just taking rest because she is pregnant. Prachi told everything to lie to him. Ranbir doesn’t want to trust her and Prachi says that she had no dream of this baby.

Prachi and Ranbir come into a heated argument. Ranbir goes from there and Prachi stops him from behind. She says that she has forgotten everything and nothing will happen.

Ranbir goes from there and Prachi gets upset. Ranbir comes to the hall and gets upset also. In the morning, Rhea comes into Kitchen and meets Aliya and Pallavi. Aliya tells that she is going on a honeymoon and Pallavi tells that she just needs to know where she wants to go and she will book her tickets.

Rhea says that it is too early and will not be good for them because Ranbir just started to take care of her. Rhea says that he will deny going for the honeymoon. Pallavi forces her and says that she needs to do this.

She says how will he react to this. Pallavi and Aliya saw Ranbir and Prachi together on the single bed while sleeping. Pallavi forces her and says that she must go on her honeymoon. The Episode Ends.

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