Is Rapper Nas Blixky Dead Or Still Alive? Death Hoax Rumours Nas Blixky Shooting CCTV Video

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Recently, another video has taken rounds on the internet which was released by the New York Police Department. In the video, it is clearly appearing that a gunman shot New York-based rapper Nas Blixky. The official video from the side of the police department has been shared on 7th February 2022 in which a man pulled out a gun and then shot multiple times on the rapper at Montgomery St. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Is Nas Blixky Rapper Dead Or Alive

Let us also tell you that the man crosses the street toward Rogers Ave and then begins shooting. After that, the rapper was immediately taken to the hospital and he is in critical condition.

Is Rapper Nas Blixky Dead Or Still Alive?

Some sources claimed that the rapper shot in the back and the leg. Not only this, but his fans also flooded social media platforms with many beautiful messages and heartfelt prayers for his well-being. Talking about his personal life, the real name of the rapper Nas Blixky is Nasir Fisher.

Let us also tell you that attack took place on 27th January 2022 and shocked the internet. Let us also tell you that another rapper of a similar name was also shot in the same neighborhood in May 2020 and he was famous for his name Nas Blixky “Nick Blixky”.

As shown in the video released, the rapper was shot in the leg and back and his health condition worsened. The rapper’s family has said that Nasir intends to stop recording tracks about brutality, guns, and threatening his rivals. To add, the “Blixky” in his stage name is slang for gun.

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Nas Blixky Death Hoax

Before witnessing the shooting, Nas had indulged in social media extravaganza with his rivals. Along with it, numerous sources are now claiming that Nas Blixky has passed while some still claim that he is alive. After the news went viral, people searched for “Is rapper Nas Blixky dead or alive?”.

There are numerous people claiming that he is dead but the rapper’s stepfather has informed everyone that he is alive and he will be back with better lyrics and music. So far, the video of the shooting has gone viral on different social media platforms. Along with it, the video is available on social media and you can watch it without any hesitation.

In Nas Blixky Shooting Video, it is clearly appearing that one person has walked along the sidewalk on Montgomery St. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and when he crosses the street, he begins shooting. Now, the rapper is in critical condition and we will update all the information related to this shooting.


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