EXPLAINED: Who Are Ilya Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan? Why They Were Arrested, Reason, All Charges Allegations!

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Ilya Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan Arrested: Why Was Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan Arrested? Reason, All Charges Allegations: The cryptocurrency news flooded with the news of the surfacing culprits behind one of the massive crypto robberies one has ever seen. The growing hype of crypto and the new generation trading platform provides everyone with an equal opportunity to make the best out of their money and multiply them by many folds. In this global platform, like anywhere else, money launders and hackers have found themselves a comfortable place to perform their malicious activities with complete stealth and secrecy. Of such activists, Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, a husband and wife duo have been caught. Follow our website for more updates!!!!!! Ilya Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan

Ilya Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan Arrested

Ilya Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan Arrested

In the August of 2016, VCE’s security systems were hacked and infiltrated, and over 2,000 unauthorized Bitcoin which came to a total of 119,754 BTC was drained from the VCE’s wallet. The stolen Bitcoin was valued at $71 Million at that time. After the rise of the Cryptocurrency price in the current market, the estimated value of the stolen Bitcoin is valued at over $4.5 Billion. This event was marked as the 2016 Bitfinex hack, Heather Morgan, a 31-year-old woman who stays in New York claims to be a serial entrepreneur, investor, prolific writer, and comedic rapper.

Why Was Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan Arrested? Reason

Her online profiles do not indicate any sign of knowledge in money laundering and crypto hacking capability. On Tuesday morning, the infamous Razzlekhan the rapper, Morgan was arrested by FBI officials. Following her arrest, her husband Lichtenstein was arrested and brought into custody. Ilya Lichtenstein is a tech entrepreneur who called himself the “Human Angel Investor, website developer, and serial entrepreneur.” They both were arrested for the 2016 Bitfinex hack and Crypto Laundering which came to a total of 119,756 Bitcoin. Which was stolen by the couple from the Crypto Exchange.

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Lichtenstein & Heather Morgan All Charges & Allegations Explained

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco arrested the couple with the quote, ” One of the biggest financial seizures in history. Both of the suspects pleaded their innocence in a New York court on Tuesday and were released on bonds of multi-million dollars. Doj traced that about 25,000 of these transferred funds under the account controlled by Lichtenstein and Morgan. Later that day, special agents were able to seize 94,000 Bitcoin’s from Morgan. Their wallet private keys were allowed to be accessed with a warrant. The couple was charged with laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud their country and were charged with a total of 25 years of imprisonment.


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