EXPLAINED: What Is Neo Sculpting? Milena Ciciotti Drama Details!

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EXPLAINED: What Is Neo Sculpting? Milena Ciciotti Drama Details: Hello guys, so recently a very well-known you tuber and fashion designer Milena Ciciotti has become a topic of discussion and people are going crazy over her. Recently she has achieved thousands of new followers and her YouTube channel is growing at a very swift pace she’s really happy with the progress she has made in the last few years. She is well known for her beauty tips so and fashion sense as well. So recently she was sharing her new sculpting experience and since then the users really want to know what is Neo-sculpting and how to do it. Follow our website OLASMediaTV.com for more updates!!!!!!

What Is Neo Sculpting?

What Is Neo Sculpting?

So recently she posted a video by the title of The Lord is doing something and it quickly became a sensation on the platform where she described her experience of the new processor. She has been practicing. So I gave a voice to some of the well-known verses from the Holy Book of the Bible and she has always promoted the idea of God and natural bodies through her videos and podcasts. She is also present on Reddit and always promotes such things. But a lot of people are not happy with their content and mark it as brainwashing.

Milena Ciciotti Drama Explained

And they don’t want to be a part of it too. A Reddit user also recently shared a screenshot offer comment that was really assaulting and harmful. She has been accused of performing illegal processes and also reducing the fat on her by medical procedures. But she has denied all the accusations and has always stated that she always follows the natural way. It is a procedure that uses radiofrequency and electromagnetic waves for the treatment of the body. It is a non-surgical treatment.

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The government and medical associations as well. She always tried to show her a luxurious life or whether expensive phones and cars on her YouTube channel. She is already married and currently 25 years old and she has already given birth to two children. She may have several thousand followers, but people criticize her from time to time because of her false promises and fake claims. There is no solid evidence available on the Internet that can prove the allegations over her, so we cannot say anything on a legit basis.

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