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Hello, all the web series lovers, once again your favourite video streaming platform ULLU is bringing another fantasy-rich web show called Palang Tod “Damaad Ji”. Since the makers unleashed the essential details it enhanced the huge curiosity among everyone, especially those who were waiting for the series. But given below you could get the comprehensive details, such as release date & time, spoiler, review, preview, etc because the essential details are the most integral part of anything no matter it is movie or web series because besides these, you could not catch anything therefore almost everyone is looking ahead to get everything.

damaad ji paland tod

The web series is being released by the makers on 4th February 2022 officially on ULLU, in short, only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you will get your favorite and most awaited web show, which is remaining the hot discussion among everyone especially those, who have been watching these sequels of Palang Tod from a very beginning. Because whenever ULLU brings something it enhances the huge curiosity among everyone as this time it has created. So now the entire attention has been grabbed by the story plot because this time the series is containing something different.

Damaad Ji Palang Tod Ullu Web Series

When it comes to the spoiler, the story revolves around a mother-in-law of a person who recently married her daughter. Since she comes to his house to meet them, her desire to get intimate with a youngster catches the heat and this is the reason, she says that now she is here to solve his all issues regarding the fantasy. Later, she comes to him and says that he does need to worry about all these, she will manage everything, and somewhere that boy is also feelings for her as well and want to get intimated with her as well.

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Star Cast:- 

  • Rajsi Verma
  • Aayushi Jaiswal

Release Date:- 4th February 2022

So, here we have conferred all those details that will be proven beneficial for you at the time of streaming because only a few moments are left in the broadcasting and you will get your favorite one. But besides, this one thing you must do the first, that if you do not have a subscription so purchase it. Because only then you will get access otherwise you will not be able to watch the series, because on ULLU everything is paid. So you could purchase it easily as it is not as costly as you are thinking.

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