Canada Trucker Protest Raw Video Coutts Border Crossing: Check Live Updates

These days, uncounted controversial issues are going on all over the world, and almost every time these issues lead to some demands against the government. Something similar is happening in Canada for a long, as the truck issues are going-on in Canada. Recently, a video occurred on social media, which is showing the current circumstances of the area where the Truck protest is making the headlines. As soon as time is passing, the video is catching the heat as well and becomes the remaining hot discussion among everyone. So below you could get everything you need to know.

Canada Trucker Protest Coutts Border Crossing

As per the exclusive reports and sources, This truck protest is happening because the Government of Canada has issued this rule for everyone that it is forbidden to cross the border of those who did not take the vaccine. This is the reason, that a large number of trucks have come on the road and jammed, especially in those places from where the government pays more attention to them. Because almost everyone is opposing these rules, saying that the rules are right in their place but it is not necessary that all those rules are strict to such an extent.

Canada Trucker Protest Raw Video

It is being reported, that a few motorists have unleashed their statement officially as well who are facing obstacles since the truck protest initiated. One of them said that they are having many problems in such a worst manner because due to lack of road space they are reaching at their workplace late because of which, their working hours are getting affected. But at the same time, a few are supporting this by saying that government should decrease these restrictions a bit so that, nobody’s work could affect in short, both pros and cons are getting highlighted in the matter of protesting.

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If further reports are to be considered, the Truck Protest initiated from Canada, and as soon as the time passed it occupied near space as well because the numbers of trucks are getting increased as well. In the midst of all this, there is only one demand of all of them that the strictness of all these rules should be reduced as soon as possible. But as per the perspective of the government, they could not take any decision while ignoring their normal lives. Because only Vaccine is here to help everyone to fight against the novel virus, therefore, to keep the circumstances normal they imposed these rules. 

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