Anupamaa Written Update Today’s Episode 7th Feb 2022: Vanraj Manipulates Malvika

The latest written episode of Anupamaa starts with Anu telling Anuj that his decision is not right and that she will not let him do this. Anuj says that whatever had to happen has happened and nothing can be changed. Anuj asks Anu if he can expect her support in his new journey to which Anu shakes her head. She says that he might be the right person in the world but she will not support his wrong decision. Here, Malvika tells Vanraj that her brother has taken a wrong decision.


Vanraj asks Mukku not to act dumb and says that she knows how his brother valued Anu more than her. He says that Anuj thinks that Mukku will return the business just like she did earlier and adds that Anuj is dancing on the gestures of Anu and has become her puppet. Anu asks Anuj why did he make such a decision when he knows Vanraj is a bad person and it could harm Mukku. Anuj answers that he has lost her twice by not believing her so he did not want to make that happen again. Anu says that it is her fault that she thought Vanraj has changed.

Anupamaa Today’s Written Episode Update

On another side, Kavya gets afraid thinking she might lose her job if Anuj and Anupama’s partnership breaks. She prays Vanraj and Malvika’s partnership to break instead. Anuj asks her what should they do now. Anu says that Vanraj is just a bad person and he is only after money and instead of sorting brother and sister relationship, he is just making sure that they get separated. Anuj stands still. Here, Vanraj continues to brainwash Mukku telling her that his brother is only pretending to be great and has hidden motives.

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Vanraj tells Mukku that Anu must have instigated Anuj against her and told him that she would not be able to do anything on her own and will need support anyways. Vanraj tells Mukku that it is her time to prove them wrong and show how capable is she. However, Malvika still worries about Anuj saying he gave everything to her and she is worried about how is he going to live afterwards. Vanraj says Anuj has not given her anything but has returned the things, he once took from her. Stay connected with Social Telecast and get the latest story updates of Anupamaa.

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