Anupamaa 8th February 2022 Episode Written Update: Anu Talks To Malvika

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, Anu goes to Malvika to talk about Anuj as her friend and not as Mukku’s brother. Anu asks if she wants to say anything to which Malvika says that her brother left her for her. Vanraj sees the duo conversing and thinks that Anu will spoil his plan. He decides to do something before Anu ruins it all. He calls someone. Here, Toshu informs the family about Anuj transferring all the property to Mukku. Kavya gets worried and thinks if that happened, Vanraj will take control of all the business.


Anu asks Malvika if she is only considering the fact that Anuj left her and not that he gave her everything. Mukku asks her to shut up. Anu gets angry and asks her to regain her conscience. She questions her if she has left her brain with Vanraj. Anu says that she is blindly trusting a man who just wants to ruin everyone’s lives and enjoy the drama in peace. Anu further asks if Vanraj has instigated her against Anuj and Anu. Mukku asks Anu to stop and says that Vanraj just told her the truth.

Anupamaa 8th February

Malvika tells Anu that Vanraj is not wrong and only tells her what is the truth and she knows him well. Anu claps and says that Anupama who was married to Vanraj could not know him, Kavya who loved him for 9 years could not him too while Vanraj’s father also does not know him well so how can she claim to know Vanraj so well. Mukku asks Anu if she is trying to make her a villain in the story. Anu says that her brother is a real-life hero and that he waited for her for 26 years so why would he leave her just like that.

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Here, Vanraj gets suspicious seeing Malvika and Anu conversing. He thinks if Anu is trying to spoil his plans and gets irritated. He has dreamt of becoming the CEO of the company and seeing Anupama talking to Mukku stresses him out. He shouts saying he will not let this happen. In the upcoming episode, Anuj will sign the property documents and transfer them to Malvika. Anu will ask him to rethink his decision but he will not waste any time to do so. Keep reading Anupamaa written updates and follow our site for more interesting news, latest gossip, twist and information.

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