Anupamaa 10th February 2022 Episode Written Update: Vanraj Provokes Malvika

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Let us check the written update of the Star Plus serial Anupamaa. It starts with Anu offering coffee to Anuj to which the latter thanks to her. Anuj apologizes to Anu for being the reason behind her losing her world. Anu smiles and says that it all happened because of Vanraj and adds that because of him, Anuj came into her life. She says that she feels like she is responsible for everything happening now. Anuj says that he does not remember the cafeteria’s first coffee but will always remember this last one.


Anupama says that she will also remember the time and the couple get emotional and try to hide their tears. Anuj asks Anu to leave from there and prays that Mukku does not face hurdles in her new beginning. Anu prays for the same and then asks Anuj if he thinks he did the right thing. Anuj answers that he has taken two decisions for Mukku till now and feels that both were wrong. Anu comforts him and says that he did what he felt doing was right so he does not have to worry much.

Anupamaa Latest Written Episode Update

Here, Mukku cries while Vanraj tries to comfort her. Vanraj manipulates her while offering her water. He tells her that he can understand her pain and says that whatever happens, happens for good. Mukku cries recalling how Vanraj said that Anupama is more important for Anuj and that he chose Anu over her. He says that whatever happened is for good as if it had not happened, she would have not known the priorities of Anuj. Vanraj says that he knows Anu very well and that she has come to ruin their lives. Vanraj adds that they should not trust her.

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Vanraj continues to instigate Malvika against Anupama saying she must be provoking Anuj and that she does not know how clever is she. He says that Anu must be telling Anuj that Mukku would not be able to handle the business but she should make up her mind and try to prove them all wrong by doing great business. Mukku listens to him carefully while Vanraj thinks that he will become the owner of the entire company and will not let Mukku run this company on her own. Vanraj makes Mukku stand up and takes her to Anuj’s seat and makes her sit there. Stay tuned for more updates!

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