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Is Maddy Brum Father In Prison? Meet Barry Brodeur, Age, Wife, Family, Net worth



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Barry Brodeur is the father of famous three-times world champion cheerleader Maddy Brum. She is featured in a famous Netflix series cheer which revolves around her life and career.

She recently revealed that her father is facing jail time for Rape allegations which exploded the internet world.

Father of Maddy Brum sentenced to Jail

Barry borders news has spread all over the internet as he is currently facing jail time for a rape charge. He is the father of a well-known cheerleader whose story is all over the internet.

As the father of a popular cheerleader, Barry border is facing the hardest time of his life as he is no unknown to the people around the world.

As his news has caught more and more attention after he was revealed as the father of famous  Maddy Brum, the man who was punished for Rape.


In spite of this, Maddy Barry does not hide the fact that his father was arrested in a rape case, as she agrees that his father did wrong and wishes not to be judged by his karma.

Barry Brodeur Age, Family, and Early life

Barry Brodeur is the father of Maddy Brum who is a world-renowned professional cheerleader whose father is in prison after rape allegations broke out on the internet. During the showing of her Netflix documentary, she revealed that her father is in prison after rape allegations broke out on the internet.

Brodeur is from Dracut, Massachusetts, and has a wife, Nicole A Otis who works at Gemini Communication as a contractor for Hanscom Air Force. The couple married in 2013 and have three children.

Maddy Brodeur, who will be 19 years old in 2022, is the second child of Barry Brodeur and Nicole. They have three children. They have one daughter who is a graduate, one who is almost four, and a fourth child who just turned four. Alyssa Luna is the oldest. Maddy herself is 19 years old.

barry brodeur kids

Maddy Brum was born on May 22, 2002, in Dracut, Massachusetts. She is a professional cheerleader by profession, and despite being raised by a single mother during her childhood, she has managed to achieve considerable fame at such an early age.

The fact that her father was sentenced for rape charges which she recently disclosed to the public does not affect her success as a cheerleader representing CA wildcats as one of the top cheerleaders in America.

However, we have no information about Barry Brodeur, whose existence was unknown until Maddy herself discussed her father and the allegations of rape he faces for not being allowed to leave Massachusetts and is the reason why his father is not visiting his daughter.

What were Barry Brodeur School and College Majors?

We do not know anything about his education at this time, as nothing has been known about his personal life yet. But we will update this as soon as we know more about him.


Barry Brodeur Net worth, How much does he earn?

We do not know anything about his net worth at this moment. we will update this as soon as we know more about his income.

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In what relationship does Barry Brodeur currently, reside?

He is a married man and is married to Nicole A Otis, mother of Maddy Brum in  2013.

Does she have a social media presence?

We do not have any information regarding his social media handles as he is a prisoner and known as the father of Maddy Brum who is famously known for her Netflix documentary. She is available on  Instagram.

Barry Brodeur’s Physical Appearance Height, Weight

Height N / A
Weight N / A
Hair N / A
Eye Colour N / A
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Interesting facts about Barry Brodeur‘s should be known’s

Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign N / A
Net Worth N / A
Single/ In a relationship Married  
Current Spouse Nicole A Otis    
Children’s 3  

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