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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th December Written Episode: Rudra To Do Concert In Preesha’s Village



Yeh Hai Chahatein today’s episode starts with Beena Masiquestioning Preesha if she has any family. Preesha gets emotional as she recalls her and Rudra’s family. However, she lies by saying she only has Ruhi and her. Here, Vyjayanti feels heartbroken after being slammed by Rudra time and again. She thinks that she did everything to keep this family happy but seems like every single effort of her is going in vain. A flashback is shown where Saransh is shown getting adamant to stay with Rudra but Vasu says that he can not live with such a guy who is a murderer and has multiple marriages.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th dec

Vasu threatens Rudra by saying he will file a custody case in court and will prove that he is a characterless man. Meanwhile, Rudra takes the Sindoor and fills Vyjyanti’s partition. He announces that she is his wife now. However, Vasu doesn’t get convinced and says he doesn’t consider this marriage. Rudra tells Vasu that he is married to Vyjyanti now as the latter doesn’t seem to have any problem with it as she is not opposing it.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th Dec 2021

Vasu thinks it’s better if Saransh goes with him if he has married Vyjyanti as he trusts her upbringing. Once reaching home, Rudra asks Vyjayanti to pretend like his wife for three to four months as in those months, he would be able to win Saransh’s custody. Vyjayanti asks him not to worry as she will take proper care of Saransh. Rudra rudely tells her to stay anywhere she wants to and asks her not to interfere with his life. Flashback ends. Vyjayanti cries badly.

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Here, Bunty goes to a drunk Rudra and tells him that he has booked a concert in Rohtak where he will get paid thrice than normal. Rudra agrees and announces that they should head to Rohtak then. On another side, Ruhi is shown practising the Sitar when she is informed by the Mukhiya of the village that a rock star would perform in the village on his son’s birthday. Ruhi tells him that she has no interest in rock music.

Ruhi tells Preesha about Rudra’s concert and says that she will go there. Preesha recalls moments with Rudra and tells Ruhi that she is not allowed to go there. Ruhi gets sad and says that she promised her friends that she will be there. Preesha says that sometimes breaking promises don’t hurt. Stay tuned to this space for Yeh Hai Chahatein updates.

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