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Who is Jim Anderson Kings Cross? Check Cause Of Death Died At 73



A saddening piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that Jim Anderson Kings Cross has passed away at 73. His sudden passing has taken over the internet as his near and dear ones are heading to their social media account to pay the personality a tribute. Anderson was a popular figure from the underworld and had established his name in the field effectively. Now, the news of his death has been trending on the internet while netizens are curious to know what was the personality’s cause of death. Here’s what we know about it.

Jim Anderson Kings Cross

As per reports, Jim Anderson died of cancer. Yes, if reports are to be believed, the 73-year-old was battling cancer for quite some time and eventually died due to the same. However, it is just an assumption as there is no official confirmation regarding the same on the internet. In what circumstances, Anderson died and all the other questions regarding his death seem to be unknown at this time.

Who Was Jim Anderson?

Apart from Jim Anderson cause of death, netizens are also searching for the personality’s personal details such as his date of birth, family, education, wiki, bio, and more. Jim was considered one of the prime suspects in the kidnapping and murder case of Juanita Nielsen, the heiress. Anderson’s real name was James McCartney Anderson. Between 1970 and 1980, he ruled Kings Cross like a king and had established himself as the popular underworld name.


Along with him, Abe Saffron, his business partner, was also involved in various crimes including murder, extortion, kidnapping, alcohol offence and blackmail. As per the sources, saffron was sentenced to 27 months in prison after he was charged with tax evasion. On another side, in 1950, Jim Anderson came to Australia while in 1995, he suffered cardiac arrest. Taking Jim Anderson’s health into consideration, he was taken to the Blue Mountains.

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Later, the personality became the prime suspect of Juanita Nielsen abduction and murder. After coming into the suspect’s list, Jim Anderson claimed that he is not involved with the crime and had nothing to do with it. Talking about Jim’s personal life, it is coming forward that Anderson had two sons named Andrew and Johnny. Both the children were deeply in shock after learning about their father’s death. Apart from this, not much information about the underworld personality has come to the front. We will update him after getting any information. Follow for the latest updates.

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