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Who is Ayanna Davis? Florida Teacher Charged With Having $ex With Student Video Viral on Social Media



Recently, we get another news in which an English Substitute teacher has been arrested for sexual misconduct with a student. So, the name of the teacher is Ayanna Devis. Unfortunately, the Snapchat video of both has gone viral on social media and many users of Reddit already watched the complete video.

who is ayanna davis

There are many cases surfaced on the internet in which people were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting minors. This is another case that creates sensation all over the internet. It is actually very shocking because the teacher is a substitute teacher and she has been arrested for her illegal activities.

Who is Ayanna Davis?

To aware people, there are many campaigns and awareness should be organized. But, people might not be taking it seriously and continuously do this crime with minor students. Also, to keep the record under control, the offender should be given severe punishment for their crime.


As we already mentioned above that she is a substitute English teacher at Lakeland High School in Florida. She has been making rounds all over social media after recording one of her alleged sexual encounters surfaced on Snapchat and Reddit. After the video went viral on social media, she has been taken into custody by Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

Also, another reason for her arrest was when a student informed school resource officers on 3rd December about her video. According to the police, she has been allegedly having sexual intercourse with a student.

Florida Teacher Charged With Having $ex With Student

Later, it was also discovered that she did unprotected intimacy with the student almost four times in which she allegedly use the student, twice at her house and twice at her office. Talking about the victim, he was below 17 years old. Later, the video has gone viral on different social media platforms such as Snapchat and Reddit.

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As a result, several Lakeland High football players and other students watched the video before it was taken down. She was arrested Friday and charged with sexual assault and crimes against students by an authority figure, reports the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Not only this but she was ordered to post $60,000 in bonds for all five offenses. Talking about her initial hearing date, it is set for 10th January 2022. Let us also tell you that Ayanna Davis is just 20 years old and not married as of now. So, stay connected with us to know more updates on the same topic.

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