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Sasural Simar ka 2 Latest Episode 14th December 2021 Written Update Samar Gets Agnry at Aarav



Hey, as you all know that the second season of Sasural Simar Ka is making people super excited about the show and undoubtedly the show has been managing its fan base pleasingly. So, the episode begins with, Vivaan and Reema getting tensed, Gajendra steps towards the door for checking who is pushing the bell button. Meanwhile, Aarav pushes the door, and when it opens everyone gets shocked to see him standing there. Samar gets shocked, Aarav looks at him.

Sasural Simar ka 2

Indu goes back to the temple and gets Simar out of the house, meanwhile, Gajendra does the same but with Aarav all the four stand on the road. Gajendra asks him that why did he come there. Aarav replies him to get angry at him because he is not here to meet him and he just wants his Simar back, Gajendra asks him if he is angry or what because whatever he is saying is just rubbish stuff that can’t be fulfilled at any cost. Aarav says him to stay away and not stop him because he will not take his step back until he does the work for what he arrived. Gajendra says him to control his tongue he asks him if it is the way to talk to his father.

Sasural Simar ka 2 Episode

Aarav replies that he just wants to talk to Simar at any cost. His father replies that it is too late now because now it can’t be stopped. Aarav replies that the only thing that he knows is Simar and she really does not want to take seven vows with Samar. Meanwhile, Sandhya comes there as well. Samar on the other side says that now Aarav is just crossing his limits and his doings are forcing him to show Aarav his place. He gets angry and about to go out.

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Avinash then stops him saying that things can turn worst with the anger so at this time they all should keep some patience so that time will pass. Angry Samar asks that why did he come here when he knew that nothing can be changed now. Avinash says him to be calm as Gajendra Ji is talking to him and things will get normal soon, but it will take some time and till then they all have to hold their horses. The episode ends here, stay connected to get more updates on the show.



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