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Link: Silk, Zara Khan and Mehak Noor Leaked Video Makeup Room Going Viral On Twitter Telegram



Silk and Zara Khan’s leaked video is being circulated on social media and as per the craze of people saying this won’t be bad that everyone across the country is getting keen to watch the video. So, shooting your curiosity down for the video here we are jumping the gun to illuminate the glimpse of Stage Actress’s video from Shalimar Theater Lahore. Be here till the end to get complete details on Zara Khan’s viral video and also to read the Wiki of the actress from Pakistan.

Silk, Zara Khan and Mehak Noor

You must be searching the video of Zara Khan, Silk, and Mehak that got leaked from their makeup room. However, it came into view that a junior artist named Kashif Chan filmed these videos from the dressing and make-up room post which the names started to grab headlines and it all started when Mehak Noor, Zara Khan, and Silk are victims of the video got leaked by the same junior artist and since the time the three names have become a hot potato. Well, as you all know that Mehak Noor is the name that always stays on the wishlist of millions of people across the globe no matter if a person is from India, Canada, or Pakistan from where the actress belongs and this is the main reason that people are unable to hold their horses to watch the video.

Silk, Zara Khan and Mehak Noor Video

Since the video got leaked on social media, the main thing that is being searched by people is the Mehak Noor HD video, Zara Khan & Silk Makeup Room video. However, the video is containing something extra that will force you to watch it alone. Undoubtedly, the girls are also considered as the most adorable, cute, and spicy gestures gripping girls whose shows always go pre-booked and houseful. After all the girls know how to force people to blow whistles and throw money on the stage.

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As per the reports, when an investigation was held by Cybercrime, it came into view that Kashif Chann, a co-actor filmed the videos and leaked them on social media. However, later the actor stated that he got paid for the deed and therefore he dropped those videos on some of the wide social media pages. Senior stage actor Khushboo Khan paid him for leaking Mehak Noor, Zara Khan & Silk’s makeup room video. Stay tuned to know more on viral stuff.



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