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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14th December 2021 Episode Luthra Family Throws Preeta Out Of The House



In today’s written episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta cries while blaming Sonakshi for taking Pihu’s life. Preeta tells everyone about Pihu’s death and tells them that because of Sonakshi, she met with an accident. Sonakshi says that how can she kill her own daughter and adds that it was Preeta who went to bring Pihu and no one had any idea where she was so how can she be responsible for her death. Preeta asks Sonakshi to stop lying as she says how the doctor told her about Pihu’s mother dying while giving birth to Pihu only.

Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode

Meanwhile, the inspector calls Karan and tells him about Pihu dying because of rash driving. Karan gets angry at Preeta and asks if trucks can’t go on the road. Preeta says that Sonakshi had sent the truck to kill them and that was following her. Karan loses her temper and accuses Preeta of killing his daughter. He says that she was so careless that she couldn’t even care to tie her seatbelt and now she is trying to put her blame on Sonakshi. Dadi also agrees with Karan and accuses Preeta of being an irresponsible mother.

Sherlyn comes too and says that Preeta needed money for her Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Karan leaves while Preeta follows him. Karan goes through Pihu’s drawings when Preeta comes there and tries to touch Karan. The latter asks her to stop as he can’t ever forgive her. He walks away in anger. Preeta follows him. However, Karan doesn’t stop and continues to walk away. Sonakshi comes and tells Preeta that she has lost her place in the Luthra family and now she would be taking her place. Preeta threatens Sonakshi that she will disclose her truth in front of the family. Sonakshi laughs saying no one will believe her.

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Preeta tries to convince the family that it was not her but Sonakshi who was behind all of this but sadly no one believes her. She asks everyone how can they not trust her when she has loved them for so long. They should know that she is not such a kind of person. Preeta asks Rakhi to believe her but she also accuses her of being a bad mother. Karan gets angry at Preeta and says that he does not want a wife like her in his life and asks her to leave the house. Everyone agrees and throws Preeta out of the house. Follow for more written updates of Kundali Bhagya.

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