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How To Conquer Infertility In Men And Women With Herbs Within 2 Months (Do It Yourself)



How To Conquer Infertility In Men And Women With Herbs Within 2 Months (Do It Yourself). I greet stalwart readers who have been following me from my first article to the second, third, fourth, and present one. My first article featured the use of Aligator pepper, in which I elaborated on its use and how to make a lucky hit with it.
The article surprised me a lot as I began to receive myriad numbers of calls, messages, and chats from virtually all the countries in the world.

How To Conquer Infertility In Men And Women With Herbs Within 2 Months (Do It Yourself)

People chatted with me from Imo state, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Cross River, Rivers, Lagos, Oyo, Kwara, Ogun, Kogi, Kaduna, and Abuja. Some came through African countries such as Cameroon, Gambia, Chad, South Africa, Kenya, and from the white man’s land, chats and calls came through from England, the USA, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Brazil.

I’m so grateful for this. May God’s infinite mercy shower you with blessings.

Without much ado, the subject we are going to take a look at in this current edition is infertility in both men and women and how to overcome it for one to become a parent.
Many people are suffering from these challenges all over the world. The problem that leads to them is that every human being is different, which I will analyze in turn:

The Cause of Infertility in Men

Some of the factors that can lead to infertility in men are some of the following

  • Infections
  • Excessive or chronic piles
  • low sexual libido
  • Poor ejaculation is all possibilities.
  • Low or watery sperm counts

Another cause of men’s infertility comes from poor treatment of sexually transmitted diseases such as staphylococcus and gonorrhea.

This means if you once had the above disease and you did not treat it well, it can also affect your masculinity and ability to produce healthy spermatozoa, so you won’t be able to impregnate a woman.

In this case, I will tell you what will regulate it.


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According to the expert physicians, they made it known that sperm is like a wall gecko, i.e., a small reptile that is mostly seen at night in our homes.

The animal looks like a lizard with a tail. Do you know that if the tail of the animal is cut off, the animal becomes incomplete?

That is exactly the problem that happens to men’s sperm when they have an infection in their bodies.
The truth here is that the sperm is like that because it has a head and a tail, and if the tail is cut off, such sperm can never fertilize a woman.

Therefore, I will give you what will serve as a solution to your body’s system for free.


Solution 1 For Men

Get What Yoruba called Abeere or a miracle seed in English. Its botanical name is “Huntaria Umbellata”. and lemon.

Infertility In Men And Women

Abeere seed and Lemon – Infertility In Men And Women

How to use:

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Please buy the lemon and squeeze it yourself. Don’t buy the already diluted with rotten ones.
After squeezing, dry the Abeere in the sun, grind it to powder, and pour it into the lime.

a half-glass cup in the morning and a half-glass cup at night.
Before using this solution, try to treat infections with a good infection solution that you will do yourself and that won’t cost you much.
I will teach one, just contact me for it.
But that will cost you a little fee.

Solution 2 For Men

Infertility In Men And Women

Stout, dry gin, honey, lime, egg – Infertility In Men And Women

Best for men with a low sperm count:

  1.  Obtain a big stout 1.
  2.  1 jar of Original pure honey.
  3.  A lot of lime, which you will squeeze yourself.
  4. 12 locally produced eggs.
  5. bottle of Chelsea dry.

Thoroughly combine the stout, honey, and limes before adding the dry gin, then break the eggs in a separate container and thoroughly combine them before adding them to the mixture.

one glass cup in the morning and once at night.

solution 3 For Men

Infertility In Men And Women

Ogbo leaves and lemon – Infertility In Men And Women

Look for fresh Ewe Ogbo (ask a Yoruba herbal seller) and squeeze it with a bottle of lime.


1 glass cup in the morning and at night.
Remember to treat the infection before using this method.

Causes of Infertility In Women

Some of the causes of infertility in women include

  • Chronic piles
  • Fibroids
  • Excessive abortion
  • Womb shift
  • Ascariasis (a type of worm)
  • Sperm leakage, and Infections.

Solution 1 for women

How To Conquer Infertility In Men And Women With Herbs Within 2 Months (Do It Yourself)

Iyere-Pepper seed, Lawsonia inermis, limes ripe, Ata wewe – Infertility In Men And Women

  1. Get what Yoruba people call “Iyere-Pepper seed”
  2.  Laali leaves or Henna leaves in English (Lawsonia inermis is the botanical name).
  3. 12 limes, ripe
  4. Ata wewe, also known as a small pepper

How to use:

The pepper seeds must fill a milk tin before you pour them into a pot.
Put the local leaves in a bowl and a small amount of pepper, and limes. Bring the water to a boil.



1 glass cup in the morning and at night.
Note: The woman can drink with her husband. I bet with you that the solution will correct all the errors that are preventing you from having a child.

Solution 2 for women 

Infertility In Men And Women

Egbesi root, kaun Bulala – Infertility In Men And Women

Obtain Egbesi root (from a Yoruba herbal seller) in conjunction with Kaun Bulala, a type of potash:
Boil the Egbesi roots. When it is OK, remove the firewood or reduce the gas flame. Add a little potash to it and it will float to the brim of the pot, but don’t allow it to over float to the point of quenching the fire. That is why I advise you to remove the firewood.

Drink a glass of water in the morning before washing your mouth and continue like that daily.

You can only use the composition the day after you finish your monthly cycle.

After you must have finished it, start having interc0urse with your hubby after you finish the next monthly cycle and I bet you that month won’t pass you by.


There is nothing in this composition that I can’t do for you if you want to do it.

Just contact me on my WhatsApp Whatsapp links.


Again, as for the infection medicine, I can teach you that won’t cost you more than N500. You can contact me for that, but it will attract a small fee.

Stay Blessed and Healthy.

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