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Footballer: Jimmy Robson Cause Of Death Dies At 82 Check What Happened To Him?



The English footballer Jimmy Robson has passed away. At the age of 82, the professional player left the world and has made all his near and dear ones heartbroken. The news was announced by the Premier League Club and ever since the announcement, Robson’s fans are paying him sincere tributes on social media. Burnley FC also took to Twitter and mourned the player’s death. They shared a picture of Jimmy and wrote that they are saddened to hear his passing on Dec 14. Now, what was his cause of death and how did he die has been getting searched.

Jimmy Robson

As per the sources, Jimmy Robson was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive neurologic disorder that causes brain cells to die. With that, he has become the seventh member of the title-winning squad of Burnley who died with this condition. Burnley posted on Twitter where they expressed their sadness on losing such a great player and personality. They mentioned that in 1960, Robson had won the First Division with Burnley and had made a total of 242 appearances. The club offered condolences to Robson’s family and friends.

Who Was Jimmy Robson?

Born on January 23, 1939, Jimmy’s real name was James Robson. He was a popular football player and played in uncountable matches as an inside forward. Yes, the footballer appeared in over 450 matches in the Football league. In 1960, Jimmy had a jaw-dropping match against Manchester City where he managed to defeat the team in the final game of the season and emerged out as the winner. Later, in the 1962 FA Cup Final,

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Jimmy scored one goal against the team Tottenham and made the scorecard 1-1. It was also the 100th goal in an FA Cup final at Wembley. He became the first Blackpool replacement who scored a goal on April 27 in 1966. His goal changed the scorecard to 2-1 and resulted in Manchester’s defeat. The footballer belonged to Pelton, County Durham in England. His sudden death has brought a wave of shock and grief among his fans and well-wishers.

Everyone has been praying for the peace of his soul and posting emotional posts on social media. Along with Burnley, other football clubs and his former teammates have also been mourning his sudden death. Undoubtedly, the 82-year-old was loved by many and was appreciated for his unmatchable skills and talent. However, his accurate cause of death has not been revealed yet. It is said that he has died of Alzheimer’s disease.

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