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Policeman accused of breaking Lagos trader’s leg for questioning her nephew’s arrest



Policeman accused of breaking Lagos trader

A Lagos-based trader is asking for justice after her ankle was fractured in multiple places when she was allegedly brutalized by officers of the Lagos State Police Command.


Esther Eyo was allegedly brutalized at her shop in Oyingbo Market when she objected to police arresting her nephew.


Eyo and her elder sister’s son, Wasiu Isiaka, were attending to customers when the policemen, who were in mufti, arrived and attempted to whisk her nephew away without an explanation, Punch reports.



Eyo was said to have demanded an explanation for the arrest when one of the policemen allegedly pounced on her.


According to the single mother of three, the policeman kicked her and she lost balance, fell on her left leg and broke her ankle.


The 47-year-old told the publication, “I held Wasiu’s hand and told the men that we both sold vegetables in the market and that he did nothing wrong. But one of the men kicked Wasiu and also used his boot to kick and march my left leg till I fell on the main road. My leg twisted, my eyes got torn and I became unconscious.


“When I regained consciousness, I was told that the men came in a Sienna vehicle and two policemen were in the car. The men were about seven, but only four of them dragged Wasiu and took him away. I called a church member, Mr Bayo Opoola, and told him policemen broke my leg as I could no longer work.



“I told him the same policemen arrested Wasiu. So, when he came, people in the market told us to go to the Denton Police Station. When we got there, we saw Wasiu and Mr Opoola engaging the Divisional Police Officer over what his men did to me. Wasiu was released around 8pm after his arrest around 7am.”

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Eyo said she was taken to the Lagos Island General Hospital, where she was told that she suffered fractures in her left ankle, adding that she was placed on admission.


She said: “The doctor said the impact of the attack also made my blood pressure rise and that they needed to treat that first before attending to my leg. I have never had BP in my life. After treating my BP for a week, an X-ray was done on my leg and I was told I will undergo surgery.



“We have spent over N300,000 on my treatment and the police that caused this abandoned me. I want justice; my children and I have been helpless. A lot is needed for my treatment and I don’t even have the money. I want the policemen to be dealt with appropriately.”



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