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Watch Akuapem Poloo react to Eagle Prophet’s prediction of raped and killed [VIDEO]



In response to Eagle Prophet’s revelation about some men planning to gang r@ped and killed Akuapem Poloo stated that God would protect her.

Watch Akuapem Poloo react to Eagle Prophet's prediction of raped and killed [VIDEO]

Akuapem Poloo has been warned by Eagle Prophet in an interview with Zion Felix that some groups are planning to kill her but before they do so, they will r@pe her. As he prays for her, he warns her to be careful.

Akuapem Poloo reacted to Eagle Prophet’s prediction that she would be r@ped and murdered

Upon watching the video, Akuapem Poloo expressed thanks to Eagle Prophet for telling her that someone was planning to r@pe and kill her as well as saying she knows God will protect her.


Consequently, Akuapem Poloo knows that the same God that revealed some people’s plans for her to Eagle Prophet is also the same God that will rescue her from such plans as there will be no harm done to her by those people.

The prophecy was taken seriously by Akuapem Poloo, who was grateful to Eagle Prophet for letting her know what was about to happen in her life, as she prays nothing of the sort occurs and asks her fans to pray for her always.

In reaction to the prophecy, celebrities questioned why Ghanaian pastors always talk about doom and now it’s about some people planning to r@pe and kill Akuapem Poloo. They wonder if it’s true.


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