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Saga: Angel offers to shower with me – BBNaija S6



Saga, a housemate on Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye, revealed that Angel once offered to shower with him. On day 12 of the show on Thursday, Saga told Yousef and Pere about this.

Saga: Angel offers to shower with me - BBNaija S6

The trio discussed Angel’s relationship with Sammie and others.

Sammie is good, even though there are a few small issues. The forward person Angel is is who you know,” Saga said.

As Pere interjected, both of them were showering simultaneously.


Angel is free to shower with anyone,” Saga answered to Yousef, “Have you ever had an experience with Angel? He shook his head and Yousef nodded.

“Have you ever showered with Angel before?” Pere asked Saga.”

Saga acknowledged that she has offered to shower with him before, but that she hasn’t.

Pere recalled a past incident, saying, “She walked into the bathroom when I was taking a bath with Cross.”

She must have taken a bath, right?” Saga replied.


Pere replied, “No, she didn’t.”. During her visit, she checked whether the water was hot.

As a result of this, the trio started laughing.

Cross and Angel reportedly took a shower together on Monday.

During a conversation in the garden, Cross revealed this to some of the housemates.

In Cross’ opinion, Angel’s carefree nature has earned her respect.


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