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Pere and Nini clash after a team task on Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye



In the aftermath of a team task, Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates Pere and Nini got into a heated argument. Nini was livid after Pere raised his voice at her during Saturday’s task, day eight of the show. Her response to him was, “Don’t come at me like that ever again.” She responded instantly with a clap, “If it were not so deep, that would not be the reason you’re yelling at me.”

Pere and Nini clash after a team task on Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye

Pere and Nini

Nini fired back immediately, “You were the one shouting.”. As the argument intensified and Nini refused to back down, several housemates had to pull Nini away from Pere in the dressing room.

The woman refused to accept Cross’ explanation that Pere might just have been playing at first with her, insisting that he was intentionally shouting at her. While Nini refused to settle down, Pere and others smiled through the argument. There were many Tweets from viewers expressing their opinions about the conflict between the two housemates.

Tweet from fans

@Ftshikedithaba, said, “Pere finished Nini with one line: ‘If it wasn’t deep you wouldn’t be yelling’.”

Another tweep, @sumayayusuf09, said, “I love how men argue with one sentence and leave you to die like a mad woman.”


“That shouting was so unnecessary, and Arin kept adding petrol on fire,” @mellow___011 tweeted. @m_mennia said, “This Nini girl has dug her own grave. She is fighting a Wildcard.”

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