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Angel Says Pere, Maria, Liquorose, and Sammie are Pretenders – BBNaija S6



Pere, Maria, Liquorose, Sammie and other housemates have been accused of being fake and pretentious by Angel, the housemate.

Angel Says Pere, Maria, Liquorose, and Sammie are Pretenders - BBNaija S6

On Friday, Angel informed Biggie that Pere, Maria, and Liquorose gossip about their fellow housemates, but act like they don’t.

Having the ability to speak directly with her friends about what is going on in the house does not constitute gossip to her; all she has to do is say it to their faces.

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Her response to the question of which housemates are pretentious is, “Pere, Maria, Liquorose, Sammie and others chipping hot in an argument are pretentious.”.

The gossiping among my housemates is a common occurrence, but if Beatrice and I are discussing something they confront us.

“I’m allowed to talk about things and people here since we don’t have television or phones, so we’re here to talk. Pretending they don’t talk about others is preposterous.”

The Big Brother Naija house was rocked by drama on Friday night, as Jackie B and Maria got into an argument.

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All began when Jackie started laughing at midnight when Maria confronted Angel for gossiping about housemates.

Moreover, Liquorose confronted Beatrice for gossiping about her and almost got into a fight with her.

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