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A 4 year old boy drowns in a lake in New Jersey



A 4 year old boy drowns in a lake in New Jersey. It was shortly before a movie night was due to begin that Kyle Meyers, who was 4 years old, drowned in a lake in New Jersey on Friday, August 8.

A 4 year old boy drowns in a lake in New Jersey

A 4-year-old boy drowns in a lake in New Jersey

At around 8.37 pm, Bridgewater police were notified the child had drowned, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson said in a statement obtained by People.

Officers saw bystanders administering CPR to the child when they arrived at the scene.

In an interview with Jersey 101.5, Robertson explained that the boy’s parent was present when he drowned near North Shore Drive.

The boy was transported to a nearby hospital by emergency medical personnel. According to the Northern Regional Medical Examiner’s Office, the boy drowned as a result of an accident.


On Friday evening, Sheila Meyers suffered a terrible tragedy when her four-year-old son, Kyle, drowned at Sunset Lake, according to a GoFundMe page organized by Sunset Lake Association president Michael Mclaughlin.

The members of our team took heroic measures to try and save his life before the emergency services and the police arrived, and I am grateful for their efforts.

In the minutes prior to the start of an outdoor movie night, Meyers drowned. Mclaughlin wrote that he and other children were playing before the accident.

As a single mother trying to make ends meet, the GoFundMe page states that additional funds will be used to pay rent and living expenses.

‘We have been deeply wounded together as a community.’


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