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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Part One

The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams

The world we live in is a mirage. There are so many things that we need to pay attention to, most of which we usually neglect, and that is affecting us.

In this article, I will analyze how your dreams affect your life both positively and negatively since most of us don’t pay much attention to dreams.

Reason Why Human Dreams

God, the creator of heaven and earth, is the mastermind of everything you and I see in our dreams because God communicates with us through dreams.

I want you to know that there is nothing that will happen to you in life that will not first come to you through dreams.

If you hit luck, collect a contract, make adequate money, get an accident or even die.

All these things are communicated to us through dreams, but most of us don’t know that our dreams are a channel that God is using to reveal what will happen to us. For instance, sometimes you go to a new place and you have the feeling that you were once in that place when you know that you have never been to that place.

That happens because you must have seen the place in your dreams.

If you are going to get sudden money, you will first collect it in the dream world before it comes to reality, and if you are going to lose the money, you will first lose it in the dream world, but if you know the meaning of what you see in the dream world, you can acquire it in real life.

The following is the meaning of what you see in the dream...

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams
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The Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Babies

If you have not given birth to a child in real life, and you see yourself carrying a baby. This is not a good dream. It means the person will suffer in terms of bearing a baby. Such a person should always rebuke it because if the person meets a spiritualist, he or she will know that he or she has a spirit husband or wife, so instead of him or her having a child in real life, he or she will have a child in the spiritual realm.

Whenever you have such dreams, rebuke them with Psalm 3 and always buy things for children and you can consult me on the necessary things.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Teeth Falling

In many situations, seeing your teeth falling off is a bad dream. If the teeth that fall are the incisors, it means one of your parents will die. It is not a good dream, pray with Psalm 90 for your parents, but if the entire teeth in your mouth are removed, it means death for the person. Pray with 2 Samuel 2: 2-9 and God will give you victory.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams Your Spouse Cheating on You 

This does not necessarily mean your spouse has cheated on you, it means you should build your relationship so that your spouse will not change his or her mind against you.

But if you dream of seeing someone putting on a shoe, it means your spouse has started cheating on you.

Spiritual Dreams About Water 

This means you have a connection with the marine spirit. If the dream is constant, that means you need deliverance.

If you dream of fish or see yourself playing with fish, you already have marine spirit and you will need serious deliverance.

If you see yourself fetching water, whether from the tap, river, or well, Even though you have been suffering for a long time, at that moment, things will be easy for you, and money will come your way.

If you see yourself being drenched by rain, it is not a good dream. It means suffering, but if the rain is falling in the form of dew, it means your glory is about to shine.

Dreaming about key

If you see a  key in your dream, it is a good dream.

If you hold a key in your dream, your love life will be enjoyable.

If you put a key on the right side of a door, someone you love will come back to you.

If you lose a key in a dream, it means someone precious will leave you.

If you see yourself trying to open a padlock, this is bad luck.

 Spiritual Dreams About Shoe

If you see a brand new shoe in your dream, or you see plenty of shoes in a store where they are sold, it means you will make money and you will be happy.

Seeing old or worn-out shoes signifies bad luck.

A Spiritual Dreams That Relates To Dogs

If a dog barks at you, it signifies a serious fight between you and somebody.

To be continued…

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