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How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper “Spiritual Way”

How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper “Spiritual Way” See A Wonderful Way To Escape Bad Luck In Your Dealings With The Use Of Alligator Pepper 

I wrote the first part of this piece about a month ago and the Nigerians were eager to know more about what I expressed in the article.

The first edition was titled “The Magical Wonders of Alligator Pepper.” In the article, I explained the scientific attributes of alligator pepper and its uses, and I also advised the reader to contact me for more information. The turnout was massive.

How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper - Spiritual Way
How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper – Spiritual Way

What followed was a continuous influx of messages and calls. People chatted with me from Anambra, Kogi, Enugu, Edo, Imo, and even from Cameroon. I was highly impressed by the turnout. It is a sign that our generation’s eyes have opened and we wish to know more about herbs and their efficacy.

Brief Story On Our Past about Herbs

This generation once died in obscurity about the efficacy of herbs.

We once believed that making use of the herb was occultic and, as a result, we jettisoned the use, but the worse of the situation is that we go to our pastors, prophets, marabouts, and herbalists for solutions to our problems whenever we are confused.

Many of us are failing because of what our pastors told us. Some of our pastors tell us that we should not use herbs because it is not Godly, and we believe it. We have forgotten that the God that created heaven and earth is also the creator of herbs. We have forgotten that herbs were created for humans to use.

We always believe what our pastors are saying. I am not saying all that your pastors say is wrong, but we should be wise. The Bible did not say we should not make use of herbs. Most of the pastors you know that are saying you should deviate from the use of herbs are good users of herbs. You will believe they don’t use them because you have not caught them using them.

My brother, it’s better to open your eyes and never allow anyone to deceive you.

I will give you an example of how our pastors have fooled us in the past.

There is a book called the 7 Books of Moses. This book is mostly condemned by many pastors. They will tell you it is for cultists and anybody that reads it will become a member and worshipper of the devil.

This is a pure lie. They want to scare you from knowing the truth about the book. Your pastors know that if you know the secret and how to make use of the book, you will face every problem you are facing yourself and triumph.

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The book is all about praying a special prayer; facing different challenges with psalms; the oil you need to use in times of difficulty, and so on.

But your pastor knows that if you know that secret, you won’t come to them anymore and, by so doing, no income will come to them.

Let’s leave that for today.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck With The Use Of Alligators Pepper

My brothers and sisters, I don’t talk too much. I believe the secret I will reveal today will be of benefit to you and you will triumph over your enemies.

This secret will get many herbalists exasperated, but I don’t care. All I need is that my readers should be free from ill-luck. Remember, in any situation, you can not achieve any results by using alligator pepper. You will need to add some other things to it.

Thus, you will need to get two Alligator peppers. You will remove the wrap of the first one and remove all the seeds on one plate. In the process of removing them, you must not blow off the shaft with the air in your mouth. You must remove them one after the other. After that, you will grind all the seeds with a grounding stone.

How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper - Spiritual Way
How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper – Spiritual Way

You will pour the ground alligator pepper into a container and break 3 eggs on top of the ground alligator pepper and mix. After that, you will pour everything into nylon and tie it up. Put it in a pot and add water to it, then put it on the fire to boil. After it is cooked, remove it and put it on a plate. If you are a man, you cut it into 9 places, if you are a woman, into 7 places.

Then you will grind the other alligator pepper on a stone. After it is well ground, you will grate the soap and add water to it to make it soft. After that, you will mix up the soap with ground alligator pepper and use it to bathe once.

How To Escape Bad Luck by Using Alligator Pepper "Spiritual Way"

When you finish bathing, do not dry your body with a towel, allow the water to dry up.

Then you will go over to the boiled egg and eat it all.

My brother and sister, I swear by the name of God that between that day and seven days, you will hit luck that you don’t expect.

Just go and try it, and I am sure you will be happy.

Note: After consuming the spiritual preparation, stay away from s3x for 7 days.

If you have something else bothering your mind or you are not clear with the above explanation, feel free to chat with me on my Whatsapp links.

Remember, if you want other solutions to some other challenges, be it job loss, barrenness, infertility in men, diabetes, piles, low sperm count, premature ejaculation, memory loss, you are looking for a husband or wife, or you are facing challenges in your relationship, and many more. Just let me know and bear in mind that all these will attract some fees.

See you in my next article.

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