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Another Fulani War Is Coming To Ibarapa All The Yorubas Should Be Ready”- OPC (Video)



The three OPC members that were detained by the Nigerian police after their successful capture of Wakili have regained their freedom, however, they expressed their experience while in the prison and that is what you are about to read in this article.

Wakili and the 3 Opc

Wakili and the 3 Opc

According to the BBC news Yoruba, that have the details, the three OPC members made it clear that they were put into the same prison with the son of Wakili. During their detention Wakili’s son always brag that the Fulani’s will kill all the Yoruba living in Ibarapa because of what Sunday Igboho did by chasing them away from the land.

The three OPC members that comprised of Hazzan Raman, Dauda Kazeem, and Awodele Awodigba, made it clear that it will be very important for all the Yoruba kings in the Ibarapa region to unite and make sure that they rise to tackle any usurpers because before the attack Occurred at Gangan, Wakili’s son that was with them in the detention has told them that their warriors will invade Gangan and kill people.

According to them, they thought it was just mere prattling when they heard the information in the cell.
They proceeded in their words that they were still in detention when they were told that their people at Gangan have been attacked.
After the information of the attack, Wakili’s son that was with them in the detention still brags that what happened at Gangan was a mere joke to what will happen later because Fulani doesn’t forget easily.

Wakili and the 3 Opc

Wakili and the 3 Opc

Fulani Criminal Are Among The Vigilante Group in Ibarapa

The OPC members proceeded in their words to say, there are many ways in which the Ibarapa people can be attacked because there are numerous Fulani criminals bearing vigilantes ID cards, and they are using it to do evil, they concluded that they will only advise all the people of Ibarapa to be watchful of such Fulani before they start attacking the people of Ibarapa.

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Some Yoruba Are Assisting The Fulani To Do Evil In Ibarapa

The OPC continues in their words that some Yorubas are amidst the butcher, and their work is to give information to the Fulani about any attack that may face them from the Yorubas.
They said it was these Yorubas who were mostly butchers that informed the Fulanis when Sunday Igboho went to attack them in Gangan that was why Wakili and his followers were able to escape from Sunday Igboho.

wakili and three opc

Some Fulani Herdsmen With Guns

They made it clear that it is this set of Yorubas that are taking foodstuffs to the Wakili’s people after they vacated the R.
They concluded that the Yorubas in the Ibarapa should be wary of any further attack because the Fulani will still come with full force because they are still planning such attacks.