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Why Caitlyn Jenner ‘Against Transgender’ In Girl’s Sport



Caitlyn Jenner’s view on why she opposes transgender athletes in women’s sports. Former Olympic athlete runs as a Republican candidate for governor of California.

Why Caitlyn Jenner is against transgender in girl's sport

Caitlyn Jenner | credit: IMAGES GETTY

Caitlyn Jenner, a candidate for California governor and former Olympic gold medallist, says she is against people who change their gender from man to woman in women’s sports.

She tells a reporter: “We want to protect girls’ sports for our schools.” Caitlyn Jenner explains her transition in 2015 to a woman: “she said its unfair for a transgenda to partispat in woman sport.”

In an impromptu interview, a Republican candidate for governor shared some details with TMZ Website.

Some states are considering banning trans girls from participating in women’s sports.

Despite such a ban’s passage in Mississippi, the state is expected to face appeals in March. It is reported that some 17 states are currently considering similar legislation, according to Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the United States.

Caitlyn Jenner won gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics in the decathlon and was one of the most successful US athletes of the 1970s.

Several years ago, she became a household name due to her involvement in the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Before her change, she married Kris Jenner, with whom she had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

Ms Jenner, referred to by some as the most famous American who has come out as transgender, was asked for her opinion on the hot-button issue of trans athletes as she walked her dog to get coffee.

“It’s a matter of fairness,” she said. “This is why I don’t allow biological boys who are transgender to compete in girls’ sports for school. Just not fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports for our schools.”

The reality star then entered Twitter to repeat her statement showing where she stands on the issue.

Two weeks ago, the 71-year-old announced her candidacy to run as a Republican in the Democratic stronghold state of California.

Despite her views about trans athletes, Ms Jenner runs afoul of some trans activists, who argue that legislation aimed at trans children is wrong and discriminatory.


Elliot Page, another transgender celebrity, also criticized the move to ban transgender athletes from competing on girls’ sports teams in some states on Friday.

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