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Whoever wants Baba Ijesha disgraced must be disgrace as well- Bukky Black (Video)



As the allegations leveled against Baba Ijesha, the Nigerian comic actor proceeds different reactions of people, especially those in his Nollywood field, are coming up.

Whoever wants Baba Ijesha disgraced must disgrace him as well- Bukky Black (Video) Iyabo ojo


Thus, it’s barely 24 hours that another notable actress named Bukky Black reacted to the development.
In a video here, Bukky Black made it clear that Baba Ijesha is someone close to her, and they both build a house in Ikorodu; she said the issue of rape that is leveled against him is a surprise to her because Baba Ijesha used to act like an impotent, she said she had asked him on several occasions if he had manhood because she has never seen him once with a woman.

Bukky Black, who was angry as she speaks, spoke thus: ” I am someone who doesn’t like coming on the internet, but the issue of Baba Ijesha defiling a minor is a terrible case that will make me talk.

I have known Baba Ijesha for a long, and we both build a house in the same vicinity at Ebute in Ikorodu.
Have never seen him with a woman since he has known him because he is the type that always stays away from when we talk about woman, how come he is guilty of sexually molesting a child?

Baba Ijesha, that I know, used to act like an impotent, and I have asked him on several occasions that he had a manh00d problem because I’ve not seen him with a woman in his life.

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Again, the way Iyabo Ojo is acting as if she is a saint is so bad; every one of us that is still living can be tempted because we are not perfect.
What if Iyabo Ojo herself has a similar case in the future? What I’m saying, in essence, is if a fellow human has such a case, once he has regretted his action, we need to look for ways to forgive him.


The video with which he was indicted is what I have watched, and everything seemed a setup.
The most imperative of everything is that Baba Ijesha seniors Iyabo Ojo in the field, so he did not deserve what he is getting from Iyabo Ojo.
Although the case is not encouraging, we are all parents, and I felt for the young lass, but we must not continue the way Iyabo Ojo is doing, especially as people say a different thing.” She ended