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What Is Buhari Doing? When Some Nigerian Soldiers Are Turning To Kidnappers



Until this moment, the senate and other people paddling the canoe of democracy led by Muhammad Buhari and his political shenanigans have not found solutions to the ongoing rampant kidnapping.

What Is Buhari Doing? When Some Nigerian Soldiers Are Turning To Kidnappers

It has become a show of shame as Muhammad Buhari only appears on the TV on a daily basis without any cogent reason his government can boast of. Insecurity is just like normal things that are inevitable in Nigeria. It is a thing that every common person must secure his or her life because the Buhari government is not safe.

Presently, the Issue of Evans, the kidnapper is nothing to write about, as he is somehow in zest where he was kept, that is why the kidnapping business now flourishes in the country to the extent that a soldier now sought for solace in the evil business.
Just of recent, a certain Lance Corporal Adamu Galadima kidnapped the child of his neighbour and murdered the innocent child after the neighbour has paid the sum of 5m nairas.

Gallad Adamun

According to the Nigerian army, we are cajoled that Galadima is a dismissed soldier. Apart from his own story, no one can outnumber the soldiers or other military personnel who are now supporters of armed robbers kidnappers. My concern on this issue is Galadima killed the neighbour who’s and yet he collected such a humongous amount of naira from her parent, as the matter is now, Buhari the Nigerian president, refused to talk about the issue, he left the case to the soldiers who are now to us that he Is dismissed soldier, let admits that he is a dismissed soldier what will be the fate of child that was killed? Will the soldiers follow the law of capital punishment and kill Galadima in like manner?

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Buhari has been failing in this area since he became president: Fulanis have become involved in killings, armed robbery, bandits, kidnapping, arson, and other crimes; how many Fulanis have been killed for killing their own people?

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