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Update: Amputee Mary Daniel’s Hidden Secret Why I Lied My Father Was Dead



Mary Daniel’s story started trending on social media after people donating 25 million nairas for the amputee hawkers. “I don’t have a father,” she said; my father abandons us when I am still a child; ever since then, I have been on my own to survive; when my mother died, I have to cater for my daughter and grandmother.

Update: Amputee Mary Daniel's Hidden Secret Why I Lied My Father Was Dead

Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee

“Although I have forgiven him, the father who doesn’t care whether I am alive or not is no longer alive to me. I still don’t know who he is.”

Lagos State Govern hand her over to the Kogi community kingsmen. In a statement with the kingsmen, “Even I could leave my daughter or son out letting him or she suffer. The way this young lady that has been an amputee since birth, I wouldn’t say I like the way some Nigeria father do behave if you are not ready for a family don’t start one.”

The Lagos state government has to give her the 25 million donated to her by the good Nigerians. After the investigation carried out by the Nigerian police, they discover that she has been hawking sachet water before some bad people came to her about coming up with the first false story she narrated to the public.

Update: Amputee Mary Daniel's Hidden Secret Why I Lied My Father Was Dead

Mary Daniel, Amputee, and her family


This will be a lesson to some fathers who left their daughters and sons on the street without proving anything for them to survive; this has been some set of the old father in Nigeria believing that they will bear without taking care of the child, believing that one day the child will come to look for them.

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If you are a father and were still banned by the old rule, I will advise you to change your behaviors and start taking care of your child because some child will never remember you.

Watch the video below doing her interview with BBC.

Video credit BBC