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The Natural And Spiritual Wonders Of Alligator Pepper – How To Use

The Alligator pepper is a medicinal natural substance that is mostly used in Africa and especially Nigeria.
Many people find it difficult to know what is very important in the diet because they do not know its functions. In this article, I shall tell some of the usefulness of Alligator pepper and the shortcomings if you mistakenly misuse it.
The following are the importance of Alligator pepper that is fondly called Atari in the Yoruba language.

The Natural And Spiritual Wonders Of Alligator Pepper - How To Use

1. Treating wounds and burns with Alligator Pepper

Aframomum melegueta is rich in a high fiber, which ensures the fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing. In addition to fiber, Aframomum melegueta has a high amount of tannin that treats burns, heals wounds, and eases the pain of inflamed mucous membranes, therefore, reducing inflammation. The plant can also be used in treating gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers, diarrhoea, stomach pains, and intestinal worms.

2. Alligator Pepper Use To Maintaining blood sugar:

Atare as the Yoruba commonly knows it, is also used to lower blood sugar and keeping the blood sugar level using the amino acids that are present in it.

3. Addresses erectile dysfunction with Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper and erectile dysfunction is another point of interest. A small portion of the spice can go a long way in ensuring you have a delayed discharge and hence one can last longer during sex.

4. Alligator Pepper Helps in weight loss

This spice also increases thermogenesis, which is the process of heat production in warm-blooded animals. The increased heat stimulates brown tissue adipose and increases energy expenditure in men. Therefore, the combination of those processes leads to weight loss.

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5. Alligator Pepper Boosts libid0

In addition to these medicinal properties, it is a strong natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desires and maintains high stamina. Among women, it works on their libido and makes them more sensitive to touch during sexual intercourse as the nerve endings are stimulated more.

Other benefits of Alligator Pepper also include:

The Natural And Spiritual Wonders Of Alligator Pepper - How To Use
Alligator pepper

In Senegal, seeds of Aframomium melegueta are mixed with salt and rubbed to the interior of the mouth as a treatment for sleeping sickness.

The extract from the alligator pepper plant is analgesic in nature and is, therefore, used to relieve pains in the joints, teeth, stomach, rheumatoid pain, and arthritis.

The leaves from its plant can also be used in treating and preventing malaria. As such, it is a better alternative for quinine.

The juice from the fresh leaves staunches bleeding.

In addition to that, the spice can help in treating infectious skin diseases such as measles, chickenpox, and smallpox.

Alligator pepper also has antimicrobial properties, which prevent serious illnesses such as staphylococcus.

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It also helps in easing menstrual cramps that ladies go through while menstruating.

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2. Is alligator pepper good for a pregnant woman?

Despite having many positive uses, Alligator pepper can have negative effects on pregnant women. One of the effects is that it might discontinue pregnancy during its first trimester. That impact was proven when an experiment was carried out on a set of pregnant female rats that consumed the alligator pepper while the control experiment was a set of other rats that did not consume it. The first set of rats did not give birth to a litter while the second set gave birth to a litter.

Lactating mothers should also stay away from Aframomum melegueta as it reduces the secretion of prolactin, which is a hormone that stimulates milk production after childbirth.

3. Uses of alligator pepper

The Natural And Spiritual Wonders Of Alligator Pepper - How To Use

1. Alligator Pepper Eliminated chest worm:

Chest worm is often noticed when one is mostly feeling constant vomiting and for one to treat it Alligator pepper one would to keep eating raw Alligator pepper both money and night.

2. Alligator Pepper use for Clear Vision:

If one is having problems with his or her vision, one can get plenty of locust beans with a bunch of Alligator pepper and slice some pumpkin leaf, if it is available roasted fish it will also do.
The constant eating of this combination. Promotes a clear vision, especially in ageing people.

3. Alligator Pepper Use for clear Sore Throat:

Those suffering from sore throat will consider Alligator pepper as the remedy.
Such people can get and remove a bunch of Alligator pepper and put it all in a container add dry gin to it. 1/2 of a little is ok in the morning and night.
4. For Erectile dysfunction in men:
Note: This will require extra narration, but one contact the writer.

The Alligator Pepper Spiritual aspects:

In Yoruba cosmology, there is nothing that the elders will prepare that Alligator pepper won’t be added to it, all these will require extra lecture.

A typical example of this can be observed if one can chew 9 seeds of Aligator pepper in the early morning without talking to anyone, whatever prayer you said during that time will come to pass.

Again if you get a bunch of Alligator pepper, kill an Agama lizard, cut the head of the Agama lizard and put it in a pot, put the bunch of Alligator pepper in it, and burn it up till it turns to blackish powder.

The powdery stuff will be used for incision in some of the body, which will prevent STDs during sexual intercourse, it will also give man premonition against a woman that is placed under an oath or thunderbolt.

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The shortcoming of Alligator pepper:

It is considered that there is nothing on earth that has advantages that won’t have disadvantages.
The only thing that everyone’s to avoid about Alligator pepper is that when making use of it, one must be careful because one must not fall on the ground if it falls it must be pick immediately because if one temple on it will cause serious internal body sickness, so let’s be careful with it.

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