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Special Trace Men Find Attractive In Women



Is it just that some men have a thing for perfect ladies with perfect bodies, or is there more to it? The truth is that men have passionate feelings for women who are enamored of themselves.

Men are enamored with women who touch their hearts, inspire them to be better people, and change their perspectives on life.

Special Trace Men

1.Men become hopelessly enamored of extraordinary women.

Men become enamored of ladies who do not follow the groups or most recent trends.

They adore ladies who design their designs and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd rather than following it aimlessly.

2. Men are enamored with self-assured women.

Men have strong feelings for self-centered women who seek attention from others.

They have strong feelings for women who don’t put up with other people’s nonsense and aren’t afraid to call it out when they see it.


3.Men have strong feelings for women, which motivates them to make a concerted effort to win them.

Men become hopelessly enamored of ladies who put forward their best efforts when pursuing them.

They are enamored with ladies who force them to constantly work on improving themselves to become a part of their lives.

Special Trace Men

4. Men adore women who are happy and content with themselves.

Men become enamored with women who enjoy their own company, who know how to have a good time at any time of day, who are genuinely happy and content with their lives, interests, and the people with whom they spend their time.

5.Men have passionate feelings for women who are still pumped up.

Men have passionate feelings for women who are enamored of their lives and all that moves.

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They have passionate feelings for women who notice the real beauty around them rather than the media’s manufactured ideals.

6.Men develop romantic feelings for women they are afraid to lose.

Men have romantic feelings for women who don’t need men to make them feel special or deal with them because they are completely capable of doing so on their own.

They become hopelessly enamored with strong, free-spirited women who make them nervous about losing them.

7.Men fall hopelessly in love with women who make them feel at ease.

Men adore women who regularly offer them space when they need it and respect their desire to spend time with their friends and do things they enjoy.

They have passionate feelings for women who have their own lives and do not change their plans for them out of the blue.


8.Men have a thing for women who don’t pay attention to themselves.

Men adore women who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves or at the ridiculous things they do now and then.

They are enamored of ladies who constantly think clearly and look at situations from a different perspective rather than immediately passing judgment or being agitated about it.

9.Men start staring at ladies who don’t give a damn about what other people think of them.

Men adore women who dare to say what they think, ask for what they want, and do what they feel is right—not what others tell them to do.

Men adore ladies who aren’t afraid to make mistakes or face a challenge now and then.

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